How to Transfer Bike Rc (Two Wheeler Registration) from One State to Another

You bought your dream bike after a year of working in Delhi. The boss was overjoyed by your performance. He asked you to share things with their new office in Chandigarh.

That was a great opportunity, and you didn’t want to miss it. It was a permanent transfer for you. It seems so perfect when you hear all this, doesn’t it? But that’s just part of the picture. The upfront transfer fee and the transfer of registration of your bike from one state to another may disturb you badly.

This registration process in your own town was so burdensome and the same process in another state will be a nightmare. Before planning your shift with your bike, you must be familiar with RTO rules and regulations. Registration of the vehicle is necessary when:

  • Transfer occurs from state to state.
  • If you are permanently relocated.
  • If your transfer lasts longer than a year.

You will not be required to re-register your bike if you are traveling temporarily. Let’s look at the registration process for bikes in India.

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What Is Automobile Registration: Meaning And Relevance

Registering a bike means notifying the state authority that you are the owner of a vehicle and that you want to use it legally on the road.

The government of your state will check whether the bike can be used. And if that goes correct, and if it is, they will ask you to pay a road tax to drive the vehicle on public roads.

It’s a safety issue for everybody, and therefore all vehicles are registered on the same basis they buy. The registration procedure is appropriate because it will provide an identification number for your vehicle.

It states that a vehicle with a specific number is undeniably yours. Just as a bike insurance policy is a must, bike registration is just as important and required.

You should be aware that the highway tax and the rules vary from state to state. So when you cross the border permanently, you have to re-register your bike. And of course, the bike would have to be registered before it had to be re-registered.

Procedure For Transferring Registration From One State To Another

To avoid any dispute about the re-registration of the vehicle after being transferred to another state permanently, this is what you should do.

  • Obtain The No Objection Certificate: The first step is to obtain the NOC from the RTO where the vehicle was initially registered.
  • Bring The Vehicle To Another State: Once you have obtained the NOC from your local RTO, you can bring the vehicle to the state you will be living in.
  • Visit The RTO: Visit the RTO for the state where you will permanently live. Remember to pick up all required paperwork.
  • Submit All Documents: All documents must be verified before they are submitted.
  • Fill Out Road-Tax Challan: The New State RTO will give you a new road tax challan. Pay the required cost.
  • Vehicle Inspection: In the presence of the RTO agent, have the vehicle inspected. The agent or the agent’s representative will take the imprint of the chassis number.
  • Collect Registration Certificate: Once the verification is complete, you can confirm when you can collect the RC for the new state.

Protip For NOC

  • There is an expiry date on the NOC and you must complete the re-registration process before the NOC becomes invalid.
  • If your bike is purchased with the financial support of a bank or agency, you will also need a NOC at the bank or support agency.

Documents Required For Re-Registration Of Bike

  • Prior registration certificate in original.
  • Three copies of Form 28 or NOC issued by the RTO of the former state.
  • Form 20, which is the application to register the bike.
  • Form 27, is an application to grant a new registration mark to a bike.
  • Verified copy of proof of address.
  • Verified copy of valid insurance
  • Verified copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate.
  • Copy of PAN card or Form 60 & 61.

What If You Are Driving A Vehicle With No RC Transfer?

Just as you do not have the right to drive a vehicle on the road without an automobile insurance policy, you cannot skip the RC transfer. It applies when you cross state boundaries to settle permanently in a new city. If you drive your vehicle without the CR being transferred even after one year, the traffic policeman may:

  • Keep your vehicle.
  • Penalize you with the specified fine.

Therefore, getting the RC transfer is very relevant. Did you know that you can also claim a road tax refund? If this is not the case, take it down to claim your refund.

How To Apply For RTO Road Tax Refund?

After the transfer in any case you realize that the road tax paid in the previous state was more than the current one, then you can claim a refund. However, before claiming reimbursement, the vehicle re-registration process must be completed in the new condition. The following documents are required to claim the refund.

  • The impression of the bike’s chassis number.
  • NOC for moving the vehicle from one state to another.
  • Copy of bike insurance.
  • Copy of the road tax invoice that you paid in the new state.
  • A copy of the road tax invoice you paid in the previous state.
  • Proof of address for a new state.
  • Details of the bank account where the cheque will be issued.
  • You can only claim the rebate if you own the bike.