Relocation Services India

The Home-Shifting Service:

In less than a year, 6 packers and movers have already handled over 3,000 house moves. The most important assistance for Indian homes is the home shifting process. Lots of little household objects need to be loaded, packed, moved, unloaded, and unpacked. Every item in the house has a unique worth that is related to our everyday activities.

Our staff has assembled a team capable of moving your home safely since they are aware of the worth of every single item you own. We are experts at handling everything from your lowly possessions to your most valuable items, and we utilize special packaging materials for all packing and moving services. So, book our services for a secure move immediately.

Car Transport Service:

Do you need a car transport service? If so, you should need the hassle-free car relocation service. In order to provide you with an exclusive car transport service, 6 Packers and Movers comes into ground. We have specialised trucks for carrying your valuable car to deliver to the safe destination. You can get double protection with our insurance policy upon your request.

Moreover, you can move your car to anywhere in India with our professionals and unique techniques. Our custom-designed plan will give you 100% protection of your car during the shipment at an affordable rate. Through using all the modern equipment, we never let your car face any scratches or dirt during the loading and unloading process. Apart from all, we employ drivers who are knowledgeable in all short routes and safe driving. Just book the record Transport Service through 6 Packers and Movers and be relaxed.

Bike Transport Service:

In a day-to-day life, everyone of us needs a bike. If we have the situation to shift to some other state, how can we shift the bike? In order to relieve your stress, 6 packers and movers are ready with all the essential facility. Through utilizing advanced tools and trained professionals, we will transport your bike safely.

Our unique packing style will minimize the risk of damage during transit. Loading and unloading of the bike will be handled by skilled personnel in order to give you efficient transportation. Moreover, you can get the facility of tracking your bike at anytime with the flexible features of the portal. All these facilities come under your pocket-friendly budget. Therefore, owners of the bike can get a seamless experience. Book us today.

Office Relocation Service:

The most difficult service in the packing and movie industry is office relocation. Although the procedure appears easy to handle, office relocation requires quite a bit of knowledge. Therefore, 6 Packers and Movers is there to assist you all through your office relocation.

You may have a lot of sensitive equipment which should be handled safely. That is why our skilled personnel will handle electrical equipment, interior partitions, customised furniture and other official items. All these items require careful packaging with the appropriate packing materials, then only it will be easy to remove and load into the container in an appropriate manner.

In fact, we should give more importance to the items’ value based on the description mentioned on it. So items will never get damage during the shifting process due to the professional assistants of 6 Packers and Movers. Book us today.

Warehousing Service:

Warehousing service is an essential service for individuals as well as for commercial purpose. We understand your requirements, that is why we have well-equipped warehouse facility across India. It has complete protection with the 24/ 7 surveillance camera and safety guards. You can store small to large items of small size in the storage facility due to its extraordinary space availability.

The team of professionals will handle warehouse transfer, loading, unloading, reloading, delivery to the destination properly. The 6 Packers and Movers can give you a chance to relax through making not to pay unnecessary rentals to your landlords. Therefore, it is your time to choose long storage or short storage as per your demand. All you need to do is just to book us today.

International Relocation Service:

International relocation service is now easy with the assistance of 6 packers and movers. We make personalized plans to meet the expectation of the customers. During the shifting process, we will take care of all the complicated document works. Therefore, you can get fast visas, permits, and custom clearance etc. Moreover, our trained professionals will use high quality packing materials in order to give safe transportation across borders.

In fact, you can get any mode of transportation of your belongings like air, sea, or land. In addition, with these facilities, you can make use of our storage facility during the transition period. Insurance coverage is important for the international relocation process. That is why we offer it to protect your belongings against loss or damage during transit. On the whole, 24/7 customer support is ready to address you regarding any concern during the relocation process. Why wait? Move ahead.