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How To Calculate Packers And Movers Charges

In this modern era, packing and moving have become a common phenomenon. There are many service providers in the logistics industry who help the clients to make the shifting easy and smooth. The charges of packers and movers vary depending upon various factors. 

Moving into a new house requires a lot of planning, and it also requires a reputable company of export Packers and movers. It might cost you a lot, so you must know the charges of Packers and movers before hiring the related services. In addition, there are constantly moving costs you are not expecting when moving from one place to another, whether it is across the city or the country. 

There are several ways to know the estimated price for movers and Packers. Therefore, it would be best if you researched a lot to know the approx.—charges for Packers and movers before you put together the shifting budget. You can also use the Packers and movers online cost calculator to understand the most accurate relocation budget possible.

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Reasons To Know The Charges For Movers And Packers Before You Put Together The Moving Budget

There are specific reasons why you need to know the movers and Packer’s charge. First, you need to consult a company to plan the upcoming house move. Several fraud relocations and dishonest companies use the trick of giving the lowest and most impractical Packers, and movers cost estimates. The main aim of such companies is to cheat you. Therefore, you need to pick an accurate company that will help you plan a moving budget as it is one of the most important things you need to have before hiring packing and moving services.

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Tips To Understanding The Charges For Packers And Movers

You, of course, want to know the cost of professional movers and Packers as you wish to hire the best quality services at cost-effective rates. It is challenging to estimate house moving costs as several relocation service booking portals present price tables or rate charts. However, you can explore them and understand different prices. In addition, you can consider using Packers and movers cost calculators.

You need to know what the Packers and movers cost. A calculator is an online tool that allows you to understand various parts of the Packers and movers’ cost estimates. Before hiring a service provider, you can check the price tables or rate charts.

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How Can You Estimate Packers and Movers Charges?

Local House Shifting Within The City

Household Goods:

The household goods volume mainly decides the truck type you need for shifting. You can hire a truck from a small Tata ace to 18 feet DCM. The price range varies from the number of trips to trip.


Packing is generally done for fragile and electronic items besides kitchen crockery wrapped in paper and cardboard boxes. The furniture packing and other things might cost additional, depending on the quantity of packing material used. During local movements, as the transit time is around one to 2 hours, the chances of your goods getting damaged are minimum.


Some people take possession of your goods as they pack, load, and unpack them. The professional staff cost generally varies from company to company, so you need to check with your service provider before hiring them.

Additional Services:

Generally, Packers and movers don’t assemble and disassemble the electronic items. Still, if you need, you can hire an electrician on the move day and instruct the service provider in advance.

Physical Activity Involved:

When the distance between the truck and the house is more than 50 meters or when the elevator is unavailable, you need to pay extra for physical activity. It is also applicable when roping is required.

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Intercity Moving City To City


Besides the distance that decides the cost, the city you are transporting to is also a significant factor determining the price. Even if the space is the same, demand for the outwards destination can elevate the cost or bring down the cost.

The Number Of Items And Costs:

Another major deciding factor for the charges of packers and movers is the number of items and their weight. The charges increase if the number of items is more and if they are heavy. Likewise, if the items to be transported are delicate and are of high value, it further increases the charges.

Vehicle Type:

Whether you choose a shared or dedicated truck, your cost gets increased. If you choose a shared truck, the truck is shared between 2 to 3 households, and the delivery might take a little long time, but the prices are indeed reasonable. However, if you want the delivery to be fast or don’t wish to share the vehicle with any other household, you need to hire a dedicated truck that might cost you extra based on the distance.


The road conditions are unknown as we know the potholes and everything. The transit time might damage your goods, so you must carefully pack fragile items like electronic glass furniture and crockery. The quantity and quality packing are way more than the local shifting, so it might cost more for standard items.

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Generally, unpacking is not done at the destination city in long movements, but only a few vendors to the unpacking the destination city, and extra charges might be applicable. Therefore, you need to consider whether to unpack or not and then hire a Packer and mover company.

Company Reputation:

The higher the reputation of the company or service provider, the better the reliability is. Hence, the reputed service providers in the packers and movers industry come at higher rates. The majority of the customers value the company’s reputation and they do their research online with regard to the company profile and client reviews. 


Timing too plays a role in determining the cost of packers and movers. There are many companies that charge extra for pick-up services on the weekends and outside office hours.

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Installation Services:

Some companies provide installation and uninstallation services to the customers such as installing the television, air conditioners, geysers, and assembling the furniture. The companies also provide unpacking services at an additional cost. 


It is not compulsory to take insurance, but it is always recommended to carry insurance for nonlocal movements. In addition, you need to take insurance for at least valuable goods, if not the entire household, as there has been a record of road accidents for trucks often.

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Storage facility:

It is a particular service provided by the moving companies to the clients for keeping the goods safe. Under this service, you would be allowed to keep your belongings in the warehouse for any amount of time you want. Even though it might add to the packers’ and movers’ prices, adding a storage facility will help you safeguard your goods without a doubt.

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Several people wish to hire packers and movers companies, but they are always in doubt about the cost they need to pay. It is challenging to move goods from one space to another. That’s why you need to hire a reliable packers and mover’s company. It would help if you did business only with experienced licensed insurance and trusted packers and movers companies to get the best possible experience. Before hiring any packers and movers, you need to consider checking the price list.

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Cost Of Packers And Movers In India

Most of the reputed packers and movers companies have dedicated websites that provide various types of quotes for the customers with the help of cost calculators. In this digital era, with the help of modern technologies, it is easy to calculate the estimated cost of relocation. The various kinds of moving services offered by the companies are given below with the estimated costs which include the packing and labor charges:

ItemsCost up to 100 km (in INR)
Household items relocation (1BHK)7,000-15,000
Household items relocation (2-3BHK)14,000-17,000
Vehicle relocation (four-wheeler)7,000- 9,000
Office items relocation15,000- 23,000
Some electronic items relocation 4,000- 8,000

How To Save Money While Relocating

There are some ways to save money while moving to a new city. The important among them are given below:

Compare The Quotes:

It is very important for the customers to get quotes from at least three service providers in order to make a fair comparison. However, it is not wise to compromise on the reputation and quality of service in the process of saving some money. While making comparisons, the customer must consider the reputation of the company, services offered, reliability, and client reviews. 

Organize The Items:

while relocating, it is not necessary to carry everything that the customer has. It is important to spend some time sorting the items and discard the ones which are not needed. This will help in reducing the quantity and the weight of the items to be transported.  

Uninstall Electronic Devices:

As the packers and movers charge extra for uninstallation, the customers may uninstall their electronic items well in advance. This can save time and cost.

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Relocation and moving to another city need some good planning. It is necessary to plan in advance of the shifting and make sure the shifting is not done during the festive seasons as the services can get interrupted along with the high costs involved in relocation. The customer must also contact the respective departments to disconnect the electricity, internet, and cable services.

Moving to a new city is exciting and at the same time tiring too. The dedicated packers and movers’ services make the transition easy for their customers. 

FAQs about Calculating Packers and Movers Charges

Why is it important to know the charges for packers and movers before planning a move?

Understanding the charges for packers and movers is crucial to avoid being misled by dishonest companies offering unrealistically low estimates. Having a clear idea of the costs involved helps in budgeting and selecting a reliable service provider.

What are the key factors that influence the charges for packers and movers?

The charges for packers and movers depend on various factors such as the distance of the move, the volume and weight of household items, additional services required, the reputation of the company, timing of the move, installation services, insurance, and storage facilities.

How can one estimate packers and movers charges for local house shifting within the city?

For local house shifting, charges are influenced by factors like the volume of household goods, packing requirements, workforce needed, additional services, and physical activity involved such as carrying goods over long distances or using elevators.

What factors determine the charges for intercity moving city to city?

Intercity moving charges depend on distance, the number and weight of items, vehicle type chosen (shared or dedicated), packing requirements, unpacking services, company reputation, timing of the move, installation services, insurance, and storage facilities.

How can customers save money while relocating?

Customers can save money during a relocation by comparing quotes from multiple service providers, organizing and decluttering items before moving, uninstalling electronic devices themselves, planning the move during off-peak seasons, and arranging for the disconnection of utilities in advance.

What is the estimated cost of packers and movers in India for different types of relocations?

The estimated cost for household items relocation (1BHK) ranges from INR 7,000 to 15,000, while for (2-3BHK) it ranges from INR 14,000 to 17,000. Vehicle relocation (four-wheeler) costs between INR 7,000 to 9,000, and office items relocation ranges from INR 15,000 to 23,000. Some electronic items relocation may cost between INR 4,000 to 8,000.

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