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What Are The GST Rates on Packers And Movers You Should Know?

You need to know a lot about the relocation service of the professional company before hiring them. The important fact you should know is GST. Packers and movers help people through their service. Whenever people need it, they can approach the service provider for getting human resources and other relocation requirements. Loading and unloading, packing luggage, loading trucks, and packing and unpacking things are important tasks you have to do when you get an emergency situation to shift even though it is an expensive process. Packers and movers can easily meet all of your needs at this time with their service.

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Nowadays, you can approach an experienced service provider for a relocation process, but spending a huge sum of money is tough to handle. The charges with every relocation service provider are different. The charges may be different due to too many considerations. The cost of the GST is the main consideration among them.


The tax that applies to both goods and services is called GST (the Goods and Services Tax). In India, it can be applied to moving services similar to GTA (Good Transport Agency). The tax is a very necessary one for the whole country. CGST (Central GST), SGST (State GST), and IGST (Integrated GST) are part of the GST category.

GST in India:

All types of services, usage manufacturing, marketing, and every business transaction are subject to GST. After the new GST policy came into effect, the rates apply at 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28% tax rates. If you want to know separate tax rates, here you can know that 28% is for luxury goods, 5% and 12% are for subsidized goods and services, and 18% is the standard tax rate. Moving-service providers like Packers and movers take this GST rate into account.

GST for Relocation and Packing Services:

You can get the combined service help from the packer and mover because the movers provide the transportation and the packers provide the level of human resources. Freight, cargo insurance, cargo transfer, and other extras of packers and movers have different tax rates.

GST Rates:

Whenever you require services such as packing, lifting and lowering luggage, moving furniture, assembly, and disassembly, moving equipment in addition to transportation service, you should know that 18% GST is charged with all these extra services. Shipping charges 5% as a base GST, so shipping will be 5% GST when you require shipping service only from the relocation service provider. The GST rate for transit insurance is 18%, looking at the cargo transfer details, the GST rate for the shipping service is 5%, as many packers and shippers may offer it as moving services.

The next thing to packers and movers is that the potential to reduce upstream credits leads to a significant reduction of about 12% in the financial costs applied to them. Under GST, input credit refers to the company’s ability to reduce taxes on the raw materials required to run a business when spending it on output.

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GST Rate Clarification:

Many customers misunderstand that 5% is the general GST for all the services of a moving company. In fact, 5% GST is only valid when you receive the shipment process, but for additional services with transit, 18% is standard GST. When you use more services under one roof, taxes will be calculated proportionately. After considering all services, a customer can spend only 18% GST for the full service providing packers and movers. Otherwise, they do not need to spend this charge when they need only shipping because 5% is only GST for shipping. When anyone offers 18% GST in the name of the rules, you should need to know these details.

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GST Free Shipping:

You can use transportation without GST when you use personal vehicles. In this way, if you do not require a qualified professional company, you have GST-free shipping. And one more thing, GST is free for inland waterway transportation.

The GST Registration Confirmation:

The mover must have a valid GST number. From those who have a legitimate GST number, you can quickly receive a quote in order to avoid cheating on additional GST taxes.

In general, before contacting packers and movers, get a clear understanding of GST information and facts about Indian packers and movers when you approach them for relocation services, even for urgent purposes.

FAQs – GST Rates on Packers and Movers:

What is GST, and how does it apply to packers and movers services?

GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is a tax applied to both goods and services in India. Packers and movers services fall under the category of services subject to GST, similar to Good Transport Agency (GTA) services.

What are the different components of GST in India, and how do they affect packers and movers charges?

GST in India consists of Central GST (CGST), State GST (SGST), and Integrated GST (IGST). The rates of GST vary based on the type of service provided, with tax rates set at 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.

What GST rates apply to relocation and packing services offered by packers and movers?

Relocation and packing services provided by packers and movers typically attract an 18% GST rate. However, certain services such as shipping may have a lower GST rate of 5%.

How does input credit under GST impact the charges levied by packers and movers?

How can customers ensure that packers and movers have a valid GST registration?

Customers should verify that packers and movers have a valid GST number before availing of their services. A legitimate GST number ensures transparency and helps prevent additional GST taxes.

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