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How To Pack A Large Mirror For Moving?

You know what they say break a mirror and it’s 7 years of bad luck. Well nobody wants that, but if you’re moving across the country you can safely move your mirror with the right packing technique. How’s it done? Let’s check it out.

For this you’ll need -: 


  • Moving blankets
  • Box cutter
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker


  • Mirror box
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Foam corners
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Painters or masking tape

Each mirror would need an appropriately sized moving box, which is available at hardware stores.        

Lay Out The Mirror

It’s easier to pack mirrors on an elevated surface like a table but if the mirror is too big then, you may need space on the floor. Either way, start the packing process by laying your mirror face up.

Tape The Mirror’s Glass

Taping the mirror is done to minimize the risk of breakage. Taping strengthens the glass so even if the box breaks down, it will still hold the glass fragments in place so that you don’t cut yourself accidentally.

So take some masking or painter’s tape and do the following-:

  • Lay your mirror face up
  • Starting from the corners make a large X with the tape
  • Tape a grid across the face of your mirror
  • Similarly, it can be done to a round or oval mirror.
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Put The Corner Protectors On Your Mirror

Foam and cardboard corner protectors mostly used for packing computers, TVs, and fragile picture frames can also be used for covering the corners of mirrors. Put the corner protectors on your mirror before you wrap it up.

Make A Protective Layer From Cardboard

You can use cardboard as a shield to absorb the impact and prevent it from bending, before putting the mirror in the mirror box. Use the box cutter to cut 2 pieces of cardboard slightly bigger than the size of your mirror. Tape them onto your mirror using packing tape.

Wrapping The Mirror

After placing the cardboard, carefully wrap the mirror. Use many layers to wrap it in different materials. Firstly wrap it in packing paper then a layer of bubble wrap. Be certain to cover every nook and corner of the mirror and that the bubble wrap is flush with its surface. For additional protection, you can use a moving blanket to wrap the mirror.

Pack Your Mirror

After wrapping the mirror, place it in a mirror box. Use crumpled packing paper (or any newspaper) to make a layer of padding on the bottom of the box. Slide the mirror into the box, and fill all the spaces with paper too.

Add Extra Padding

Close the box and give it a jiggle. If you feel like anything has moved then open it back up, and ass more packing paper. A neatly packed mirror should not move inside the box.

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Tape And Label The Box

It’s the last step where you tape the mirror box with packing tape. Make sure to pack all the seams especially if you have made a large box out of several boxes. Use a marker to label the box as ‘fragile’ and ‘do not lay flat on each side of the box. By labeling the box the movers would know how to handle the mirror while loading the moving truck.

Some of them prefer to hire professionals for packing and moving but if you want to cut those additional costs you can pack your boxes.

FAQs – Packing a Large Mirror for Moving

Why is it necessary to tape the glass of a mirror before packing it for moving?

Taping the mirror’s glass helps minimize the risk of breakage during transit. The tape strengthens the glass, holding any fragments in place even if the box were to break, thus reducing the chance of accidental cuts.

What are the recommended steps for taping a mirror before packing?

Start by laying the mirror face up and create a large X with masking or painter’s tape starting from the corners. Then, tape a grid across the face of the mirror to provide additional reinforcement.

Why should corner protectors be used when packing a mirror for moving?

Foam and cardboard corner protectors serve to cushion the vulnerable corners of the mirror, offering extra protection against impacts and potential damage during transportation.

How can cardboard be used to create a protective layer for a mirror before placing it in a mirror box?

Cut two pieces of cardboard slightly larger than the mirror’s size and tape them onto the mirror using packing tape. This shields the mirror, absorbing impacts and preventing it from bending.

How should a mirror be packed inside a mirror box?

Place crumpled packing paper or newspaper at the bottom of the mirror box for padding. Carefully slide the wrapped mirror into the box and fill any remaining spaces with paper to prevent movement during transit.

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