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The Best Ways To Transport Household Goods In India

When we do shift or plan to move from one place to other, the first thing that comes to mind is how to transport the goods that we have gathered after spending their hard toil. there is always a bubble of stress in mind till it reaches safely the concerned place. Now the whole world is running on a digital platform, there is no such tension, now there are plenty numbers of ways to relocate goods to a safe place, but everything is dependent on budget, distance, and transporting duration

Best Ways To Transport Household Goods

And if you want to shift within India from one city to another, then road transport is the best form, although there are thousands of ways to transport within the country, road transport is the safest and budget-friendly option., So if you are thinking of relocating your goods within India, don’t hover here is the list of the 10 safest and easiest ways of transporting

1- Relocating Through Movers And Packers

Relocating Through Movers And Packers

One of the most popular ways to transport goods from one city to another is by hiring professional packers and movers. This is the most stressless and comfortable option, as in this process you must hire an authentic company the whole process from packing to shifting will be done by that hired company, the process is done by the experts. All you must enjoy your new home sooner. there are numbers of movers and packers in almost major Indian cities, but choosing the best one is a tricky challenge, relocating through movers and packers comes with a lot of advantages as well as a disadvantage:


  • Save your money.
  • Shift your good quickly and systematically.
  • Trained experts will do this job.
  • No need to worry about safety.
  • Door to Door service is available.


  • Charges are more.
  • The process could become dangerous and tricky if you hire a non-verified and non-licensed company.

2- Relocating Through Parcel Or Courier

Relocating Through Parcel Or Courier

Relocating through parcel and courier could be the best option if you have few goods to shift, and in most cases, these companies have their own pick-up and drop center, there are hundreds of local courier companies in your city, but you have to check their prices and authenticity, in this option, you have to only give the transporting price, for example, you want to courier your tv or your vehicle, you have to only give the transporting service.


  • Easy for a few large items.
  • Priority shipping.
  • Budget-friendly, charges are low.


  • Sometimes it’s tricky to drop your goods at the pick-up centers.
  • Hard to find the nearest parcel center when you are living in a remote village.

3- Transport By Pickup Truck Or Auto

Transport By Pickup Truck

Relocating goods by this process could be tricky because the whole process will be done by yourself, on hiring a pickup truck and loaded auto, you can shift limited goods and can shift your whole old goods to a new house, in this process transporting charges would be cheap, but the process will be stressful and hectic. The rates are charged based which means your transporting charges would be dependent upon distance only.


  • Renting a pickup truck would be cheaper than a large transporting truck.
  • one-day task.
  • Limited goods can carry.


  • The headache of fuel and driver is on your head.
  • Risk of unlicensed driver.
  • could have charged extra for more than one day.
  • No assured the safety of your goods.
  • chances that your good can be exposed to wind, rain, and sun.

4- Relocating Through A Large Truck

Relocating Through A Large Truck

Relocating goods through moving vehicles like trucks which are hired from good transporting agencies is another method of transporting goods at a reasonable price as the option is cheaper and available easily in reasonable price, via this option you can transport all your heavy goods without any fear of its weight and damages, this is the best option when your budget is low as not everyone can hire fully fledged companies.


  • Unlimited goods can be shifted as the truck is good enough to transport the whole household.
  • Cheapest method.


  • Pay for the driver, helper, and fuel separately could be a tricky task.
  • Risk of the non-verified or unlicensed driver and helper.
  • No guarantee of the safety of goods.

5- Moving By Two-Wheelers

This method of shifting would be the cheapest and most affordable option. But this method is not as safe as the above one, the method could be fruitful if you have few goods and a small quantity of an item, this method is good for college students, as you have to only tie your goods at the back of your bike or Scotty and place it from place to another.


  • Safe and speedy process.
  • Affordable method.
  • even you can use your cycle.


  • Carrying more goods could be risky.
  • Only take a single family with a driver.
  • The risk of accidents is higher.
  • High risk of violating traffic rules.

6- Transporting Goods By Trains

Transporting Goods By Trains

This method is cheaper and affordable with no such risk of losing goods as the safety issue is not much. And in comparison to other methods of transportation, train transportation is the best as this method is stressless, comfortable and at the same time cheaper, the perfect example of all in one, not even goods, you can transport your car and bike as well.

7- Moving Luggage By Bus

This method is the most affordable, goods transportation by bus is the safest and cheapest as you have to only pay for your tickets and luggage, you can move within city or intercity by bus, and the weight of your luggage would be deciding your transporting charges, this method is quick and fast and for those who have few items to shift.

8- Relocating Through Air Cargo

Relocating Through Air Cargo

Relocating goods by air method is the fastest method, this method is the best option if you are planning to move interstate. It is also one of the expensive methods but at the same time, transportation is done fastest compared to other means of transportation of goods. this method is stress-free and comfortable. and at the same time, there is no such safety issue.

9- Relocating Through Sea

This method is the best way of relocating goods from one state to another. This method is time taking in compared to air shipping as this process is time taking, few companies provide such services to people who plan to relocate, this method is cheap and only provided to those states which are situated on the bank of the sea and the relocated house is also a sea-based state.

10- Relocating Goods By Car

Relocating Goods By Car

This method of shifting household goods is the affordable option if you limited the number of goods this option is the safest and most tricky, if you have household items that can fit in your car or your minivan, then there is no such hard task to do the shifting. this option is the most convenient as you have to only pay your driver.

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