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How To Pack Mugs For Moving

Mugs are one of the most frequently used utensils in all of our everyday lives. Especially for the coffee or tea lovers, there will be more than one favorite mug in their respective kitchens.  In recent times, we get to seen various kinds of coffee mugs in and around the market. It’s also become a very good gift item nowadays. We get to see different brands coming up with too many kinds of mugs having pictures printed on them or hand-painted. It is now a go-to gift item for be it an anniversary or a birthday invitation.

Generally, coffee mugs are pretty delicate and need attention while handling. They are mostly made up of ceramics, porcelain or glass, and sometimes metal. They are easily breakable and if not packed carefully moving becomes quite difficult.  You must make sure that the mugs are well protected till they reach their destination.

Go through the full article to know the tips and tricks of the best way to pack and move the mugs.

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1st Step: Choose Carefully

 If you are moving into a new house, sort out your mugs first. Carry only the ones you’ll use for sure. The box should not be heavily weighted. If you take the mugs you are not going to use and just shove them into a kitchen cabinet, it makes no sense.


  • Choose and sort the mugs you are going to take along with you.
  • Check out thoroughly to make sure there is no sign of damage.
  • Reconsider the transportation cost and then come to a decision
  • If you have extra mugs give them away to your family or make some recycled use of them.

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2nd Step: Now You Need The Necessary Packing Equipment

At this stage, you’ll need some additional supplies to pack your mugs properly. Always keep in mind that your mugs are very delicate and easily breakable, hence have to be handled with utmost care. For this, you’ll need,

  • Boxes(cardboard): Before you start off with the packing arrange for some dish barrels(heavy duty boxes). These boxes are made up of cardboard which is thicker than the usual. It offers better protection for the mugs since they are heavy and thick.
  • Paper: You need wrapping paper. It could be old newspapers, craft papers or white soft wrapping papers. It is the most essential thing to finally wrap your mugs.
  • Bubble wraps: This is another very important supply for your mug’s safety. It saves your mugs from bumps and heavy damages.
  • Packing Tape: Try to get a bigger roll of packing tape.
  • Markers: To keep track if necessary.

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3rd Step: Preparing The Cardboard Boxes

The boxes need to be prepared before you put your mugs into them. The following things are,

  • Cover up the entire moving boxes with crumpled papers. It could be wrapping papers or newspapers. It gives the cushioning effect to the breakables and decrease the risk factors. The padding and layers help absorbing the vibrations and shocks.
  • Wrap up the bottoms and the sides of the moving boxes with double tapes. This will help reducing the risk of breaking.


4th Step: You Got To Pack Each Of The Mugs Gently

Now at this, you have to pack the mugs individually with utmost care. Since they are very delicate and easily breakable, this is one of the most difficult parts of the process.

  • First and foremost, dry out all the mugs. Make sure there is no single drop of water anywhere.
  • Put some crumpled paper sheets/newspaper inside the mugs. Wrap the remaining corners with equal attention until the empty space is fully covered with papers.
  • Do not forget to wrap the holding portion of the mug. It is thinner and more delicate.
  • Finally wrap the entire mug with bubble wraps and cello tape. This will ensure more safety for your pretty mugs.

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5th Step: It’s Time To Move Your Mugs Into The Box

Now you are more careful while moving your ceramic/porcelain mugs into the cardboard box. Try to keep the box as light as possible.

  • Place the mug on the crumpled layer of newspapers inside the box. Be gentle and careful.
  • The alignment has to be taken care of while placing the mugs one beside other.
  • Once you are done with the first layer, cover them up with a bubble wrap sheet and then continue with the next layer.
  • Make sure the box is light and there is enough padding to ensure safety for your mugs.
  • Check out if there any gaps are left between the mugs. If so, fill them up with more papers.
  • Cover the uppermost layer of bubble wrap with some more newspaper and then close the box.
  • Finally, lift the box up and give it a shake to understand if anything is shifting inside.

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6th Step: Labelling And Final Touch

When you are moving your belongings to a new place, it is necessary that you label the boxes. Otherwise, it becomes really difficult to find out things at the right time. So now, when you’re done packing your mugs, it’s time to label the boxes.

  • Close the lids of the box with tapes very tightly.
  • Check out all the corners of the box so that there is no vacant area. If so, shut them with more tapes.
  • Get yourself markers of two different colours. Black is more convenient in that case.
  • Write “MUGS/KITCHEN” with black marker on the box. Then add “ FRAGILE THINGS. HANDLE WITH CARE” and “ THIS WAY UP” with the other marker, preferably red.

And, now you are good to go.

Packing such delicate things is quite a time-taking as well as intricate work to perform. It needs utmost concentration throughout the process. Performing this task all alone is even more difficult  If one’s happens to be in hurry or finds it tiresome, there are professionals to do this work for them. They have vast experience in moving and packing such breakable items with proper care.

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FAQs – Packing Mugs for Moving

Why is it important to pack mugs carefully for moving?

Mugs, especially those made of ceramics, porcelain, or glass, are delicate and easily breakable. Packing them carefully ensures that they remain intact during the moving process and reach their destination without any damage.

What are the essential packing supplies needed for packing mugs?

To pack mugs for moving, you’ll need cardboard boxes (preferably heavy-duty dish barrels), wrapping paper (newspapers, craft papers, or soft white wrapping papers), bubble wraps, packing tape, and markers for labeling.

How should I prepare the cardboard boxes for packing mugs?

Before placing mugs into the cardboard boxes, cover the boxes with crumpled papers to provide cushioning. Wrap the bottoms and sides of the boxes with double tape to reinforce them and reduce the risk of breaking.

What is the best way to pack each mug individually?

To pack each mug individually, dry them thoroughly first. Then, place crumpled paper sheets or newspaper inside the mugs to cushion them. Wrap the entire mug with bubble wraps and secure it with packing tape, paying extra attention to the handle portion, which is thinner and more delicate.

How should I arrange the mugs inside the cardboard box?

Place the mugs gently on the crumpled layer of newspapers inside the box, ensuring proper alignment. Cover each layer of mugs with bubble wrap and continue with the next layer. Fill any gaps between the mugs with additional papers to prevent shifting. Finally, label the box as “MUGS/KITCHEN – FRAGILE THINGS. HANDLE WITH CARE – THIS WAY UP” for easy identification and handling.

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