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How To Pack Jewellery For Safe Moving

Ready to move? If you are moving house, or just planning to pack your bags for a long journey to attend a function, make sure to pack your jewellery very carefully.

Here are a few suggestions on how to pack your jewellery. Remember, you will be carrying them as hand luggage, so you will be asked to take them out of your suitcase for an x-ray at the airport. So you have to make sure to minimize the package numbers, even while maximizing the jewellery you can pack.

Things you will need Ziplocs, clear files (horizontal with flip cover), pencils, pencil boxes, pill boxes, plastic boxes, rubber bands, key chains, erasers, old spectacle cases, cloth pouches, old track pants, plastic wires, old tin boxes, parchment/wrapping paper, foam plates.


Sharpen a pencil from both sides. Now slip on the rings. Then close both ends of the pencils by inserting the pencil ends into erasers. Pack this in a pencil case. Alternatively, insert the rings into key chains and make sure to close/lock the key chain. Now slip this key chain into a Ziploc and pack it in a plastic airtight box. Alternatively, slip rings into pill boxes and then pack the pill boxes in the airtight plastic box.



Bangles are best packed in bangle boxes. But if you have already discarded them, pack bangle sets into Ziplocs and store them in a plastic airtight box.

Jewellery sets:

These are best packed in their jewellery boxes. However, if you have thrown them away or don’t have space, pack each set in a Ziploc (put smaller items like rings and bracelets in separate small Ziplocs, then seal in a larger Ziploc, seal tight and insert into a clear file. This way, you can pack several jewellery sets in a clear file (yes, the same one used to file documents – make sure to buy a horizontal one with a flip cover and rubber bands that lock the file on either side; otherwise, you risk the jewellery falling out). Seal any open ends of the clear file with cello tape. You can then pack this file flat among your clothes.

Jewellery set


Cut out 1-inch x 1-inch cardboard pieces. Make 2 holes about half an inch apart. Stick your studs or earrings into the holes and fasten the screws/backs. Pack all the stud pairs in this fashion and drop them into Ziploc bags and then into an airtight plastic box. Alternatively, stick the earrings/studs on foam plates and pack the foam plates in a large Ziploc.


Chains can get easily tangled. Pack chains with pendants in smaller Ziplocs and then place all the smaller Ziplocs into a large Ziploc – then in an airtight plastic box.

Pearls/stone jewellery:

These need special attention since they could come loose or get scratched. Pack pearl/ stone items within a cling wrap and then in a cloth pouch. Then pack these in an airtight plastic box. Never packstone/pearl items with other jewellery.

Silver jewellery/ items:

silver jewellery tarnishes on exposure. So store them wrapped in tissue paper or parchment paper or thin cotton cloth. Then pack these in cardboard boxes or pouches with zips.

Artificial jewellery:

Artificial jewellery tends to be fragile. Pack these into Ziplocs and then in airtight plastic boxes.


Open up the sleeves of soft cotton pants/track pants. Place a necklace, secure the loose ends, wrap the pant a little, place the next necklace, wrap, and so on, till all the necklaces are secured in the folds. Now secure the roll with a few rubber bands and then pack it in a tight cloth bag.


These are delicate items and mostly come in pairs. Wrap the pairs in tissue paper, seal them with cello tape, and then pack them in Ziplocs. Pack these Ziplocs in an airtight plastic box.


This is large-size jewellery and can get bent easily if not handled carefully. Take a used and discarded kitchen tissue roll inner cardboard tube and roll the kamarbund around it from end to end. Then roll this in old pants or track pants and secure it with rubber bands.

Precious watches:

These are best stored in their boxes. But if, for any reason, you do not have the original boxes, wrap each watch in a separate cling wrap, then place each in a cloth or cell phone pouch and then pack in an airtight plastic box.

Precious watches

After you pack the jewellery, index them (number of rings, jewellery sets, necklaces, etc.) and note them down on a neat table on a piece of paper. Pack all the smaller items as above and then drop them into airtight plastic boxes. Number each Ziploc and write down the corresponding items in the notes. Number each of the plastic boxes and note them down in the notes. Number each of the rolls and note down the contents in the notes.

So, when you are done, you should have something looking like this: keep two copies of this – each with a different person in the family.

Plastic Box 15 ZiplocsZiploc 1: Rings Ziploc 2: Pendants Ziploc 3: Bracelets10 5 7
Roll Bag 22 rollsNecklaces6
Clear file 36 setsJewellery sets (necklaces, bangles, ear-rings)6 sets

Make sure one person from the family is totally in charge of opening the jewellery when it has to go through an x-ray. When going through the x-ray, make sure to get a single tray and keep the things in sequence. When things come out of the x-ray, make sure to compare against your notes and re-pack in the same order.

If you are asked to open a specific item, take the entire tray to a secluded side and open and show it to the officers. Repack again in the same manner. Verify that all indexed items are back in the suitcase in the same order.

If you are thorough, meticulous, and careful, there is no reason to worry. Enjoy your move and stay safe.

FAQs: How to Pack Jewellery for Safe Moving

What are the essential items needed to pack jewellery for safe moving?

You will need Ziplocs, clear files, pencils, pencil boxes, pill boxes, plastic boxes, rubber bands, key chains, erasers, old spectacle cases, cloth pouches, old track pants, plastic wires, old tin boxes, parchment/wrapping paper, and foam plates.

How should rings be packed for safe transportation?

Rings can be slipped onto sharpened pencils and secured with erasers or inserted into key chains or pill boxes, then placed in Ziplocs and airtight plastic boxes.

How should precious watches be packed if original boxes are unavailable?

Precious watches can be individually wrapped in cling wrap, placed in cloth or cell phone pouches, and stored in airtight plastic boxes for protection.

What precautions should be taken during airport security checks with packed jewellery?

Designate one person to handle jewellery during security checks, ensure items are packed and unpacked in sequence, compare against the index, and repack meticulously to avoid loss or damage.

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