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How to Recycling Used Moving Boxes

The whole charade of moving to a new home is over. The furniture is ready, and your bedroom and kitchen are all set and glistening with the needed stuff. You are about to rest on your couch after a tiring day, and you notice a pile of cardboard boxes lying in the corner of the room. Alas, it’s not over yet!

You have to make a hard decision about how to get rid of these boxes. Is dumping them the only solution? Can’t they be recycled or reused? Let’s check out if you get answers to these questions right here!

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Recycling Cardboard Boxes

While recycling at home is not an easy task, you can still give them away to waste management firms to recycle. The best thing about this, you are contributing to the planet in a greener way.

Here’s the list of benefits of recycling cardboard boxes:

  • The number of trees cut in a year decrease.  
  • Takes care of the environment and also contributes to saving energy for other needs.
  • Reduction in water wastage.
  • The emission of greenhouse gases reduces.
  • Creates another vertical in recycling with many job opportunities.

Also, you could go for composting the boxes for your home garden use. Garden buffs can follow these steps to recycle at home:

  • Tear the cardboard into small pieces and soak it in water. Make sure to remove the tapes, stickers, etc. They can harm the rest of the soil. Also, do not include boxes that had exposure to artificial substances like soaps, cleaning liquids, bathing supplies, etc.
  • Add these pieces of soaked cardboard to the compost pile. You have to mix other materials like hay, manure, coffee grinds, and veggies/fruit peels.
  • Use this compost post for a few months and watch your plants grow well.

Now that we have established the good you would be doing to society, let’s jump into the ways of recycling and reusing them.

Ways To Recycle The Moving Boxes

Hand It Over To The Waste Management Company

Many firms take cardboard for recycling and create new products. Sometimes, you even get money for bulk disposal. Hence, try talking to a company or local shop that takes this cardboard.

However, aid them by flattening out the boxes after your move is complete. It helps them carry it easily for recycling. Also, remember to remove any damaged cardboard pieces like the soggy ones.

Keep the boxes in a dry place in your house before giving them away. Wet boxes are a big no-no when it comes to recycling. They are of no use and may contribute to damaging the other ones stored.

Look For Online Selling

While this sounds ridiculous, you will not believe what is possible online these days. Look for websites that sell them or post them on social media. You are in for a surprise with the number of responses for a piece of cardboard!

Many packers and movers are on the lookout for such cardboard boxes in bulk. Their needs are never-ending, and you can bag a substantial amount of the things you plan to put in bins. Nevertheless, the quality of your cardboard speaks a lot. Hence, save them in good shape without damage, and they sell faster than you think.

Give It Away

Contact your friends, colleagues, or people around your home if they would like to reuse this cardboard. Moreover, many charitable organizations may make good use of them in the form of revamped storage.

Reaching your friends is not difficult with the availability of social media and chat applications like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. They sell like hotcakes to people who love to rejig their houses with proper storage facilities.

Ways To Reuse The Cardboard Moving Boxes

Recycling is one way to go. The other way would be to reuse it yourself. You can choose to decorate your house or store some of the unwanted clutter away with these handy boxes. Let’s have a look at different ways to reuse them at home.

Declutter Your Home

Avoid spending money on buying expensive storage racks for your home. Use these boxes to rearrange all the objects lying on your floor or clothes overflowing your cabinets.

Let creativity flow with these boxes since you can paint these boxes to give them an extra artistic touch. Once set, your house looks beautiful without any added expense!

Use For Other Art Projects

If you have kids, you will come across project-making that requires many cardboards. Forget spending money on them if you have then saved for these purposes. Otherwise, make your children a Picasso by turning these boxes into art canvases.

Moreover, make beautiful artifacts out of them to hang around your house. Your close ones will appreciate the positive effects it creates. Sometimes, you can pass these boxes to kids, and the types of jolly things they can make will surprise you.

Store Away For The Next Move

if transfers are always around the corner in your household, cardboard boxes are your friends. Store in a dry place to use again for the next move.

You also save time, money, and effort when you do not have to hunt down boxes for each appliance at home! Also, you are contributing to mother nature by not purchasing a whole new set of cardboard boxes again.

Helps While Painting The House

Your precious floors need covering while painting. Use this laid-out cardboard as a casing for valuable items. You can discard them after use, and your flooring and artifacts remain protected.

Helpful For Business Owners

Owners of small-scale businesses can consider reusing these boxes for the packaging and shipping of their items. It reduces costs from your expenses list. Also, for express delivery businesses, it always helps to have such packing materials on the go.

Moving boxes find use everywhere. Apart from the ones listed above, you can think of plenty of other applications for this versatile item. We are already hurting the environment by cutting trees to create cardboard. Why not give it back to mother nature in our style?

Also, what’s the use of just dumping in dustbins when you have productive ways to reduce, recycle and reuse? We hope this guide will help you put your cardboard boxes to better use from now on!

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FAQs about Recycling and Reusing Cardboard Boxes:

Why should I bother recycling cardboard boxes instead of just throwing them away?

Recycling cardboard boxes helps to reduce the number of trees cut down each year, contributes to environmental conservation efforts by saving energy and reducing water wastage, decreases the emission of greenhouse gases, and creates job opportunities in the recycling industry.

How can I recycle cardboard boxes at home?

You can recycle cardboard boxes at home by tearing them into small pieces, soaking them in water, and adding them to your compost pile along with other organic materials like hay, manure, and vegetable/fruit peels. However, ensure that the boxes have not been exposed to artificial substances like soaps or cleaning liquids.

What are some ways to recycle cardboard boxes besides composting?

Besides composting, you can recycle cardboard boxes by handing them over to waste management companies for recycling or selling them online. Additionally, you can give them away to friends, colleagues, or charitable organizations who may have a use for them.

How should I prepare cardboard boxes for recycling?

Flatten out the boxes after your move is complete to aid waste management companies in carrying them easily for recycling. Remove any damaged or soggy cardboard pieces and store the boxes in a dry place to prevent them from becoming unusable.

Can I reuse cardboard moving boxes instead of recycling them?

Yes, you can reuse cardboard moving boxes for various purposes. You can use them for storage, art projects, packing items for your next move, protecting floors during painting, or for packaging and shipping items if you own a small-scale business.

How can I creatively reuse cardboard boxes at home?

You can paint cardboard boxes to give them an artistic touch, use them for art projects with your children, or repurpose them into storage solutions for decluttering your home.

How can cardboard boxes be helpful for small-scale business owners?

Small-scale business owners can reuse cardboard boxes for packaging and shipping their products, which helps to reduce expenses and minimize waste. Additionally, having readily available packing materials can streamline the shipping process for businesses.

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