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10 Things To Do Before Shifting To A New House

Moving to a new house is something very burdensome as well as exciting at the same time. No doubt! It’s like shifting our entire planet from one place to another. It requires us to be mentally prepared as there are hundreds of tasks to manage in a very short period. It’s not a task to be done by a single person and needs cooperation and teamwork. Try not to impose all the responsibilities on a single person instead try to distribute the tasks to make it easier for every family member to shift and settle in the new environment.

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The immediate change in the environment of children and aged people might be troublesome to accept so try to make them feel at home at your new place. Leaving all these things aside, it’s time to discuss the things we need to plan and do before starting shifting, so let’s not ruin our time and take a dive into the things to be done.

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Here’s A List Of 10 Things To Do Before Shifting To A New House:

Electricity And Water Supply At Your New House

Make sure to check the electricity and water supply at your new house as these are the necessities for a human to live anywhere. Check all the electrical switches and water taps thoroughly one day before shifting. I would be very trouble-causing at that time if electricity and water supply get cut due to any reason so take precautions as prevention is better than cure.

Packing Everything

Before shifting, make sure whether you’ve packed and everything or not. We oftentimes forget the same things due to stress while managing big tasks. So make sure you haven’t left any small task to do in future. Whether it’s your toothbrush or nail cutter, it can cause trouble for you when you need it and wouldn’t be able to find when there is some urgency. So, pack all your stuff before starting the process of transporting all your things.

Declutter Your Stuff

When we live at a place, we do put all the stuff at our home whether it’s required or not as we do have enough spaces at our houses. When you’re shifting make sure you’re not carrying anything of no use with you. Old utensils, used toothbrushes, old shoes, chairs or anything which will only consume space should not be carried with you. It’s one of the good habits to declutter our things so make sure to include this in your checklist.

Organize Your Stuff

After decluttering organize your things and pack each category separately so that it would become easier for you to rearrange your things in your new house. Keep electronics, utensils, clothes, makeup accessories, laundry-related things, etc. in separate compartments. All the wooden furniture should be transported separately from electronic devices.

Pack Your Essentials Separately

When we’re shifting to a new house, it’s very hard to rearrange all your stuff within one, two or even five days. There are some things which we use in our daily life. So make sure to keep those things separately so that you have to unpack only one or two cartons to fulfill the basic requirements of your daily life. Things like towels, night suits, kitchen utensils, brushes, hairdressing-related things, chargers, laptops, etc should be included in this list. You can add other things also which you might think are important for you and can’t spend a day without them.


Keep an eye on your important documents which you keep at your house with you. Before starting packing anything, make sure you’ve collected all your documents and placed them safely somewhere where there’s no chance for them to get misplaced. We all know how much trouble it can cause even if a small bill receipt gets misplaced somewhere so for our good we should give it a little bit of special attention.

Change Your Address

Change your address at important places where any of your documentation-related work can be done. First of all, do it at USPS and IRS. Change your post office address and bank address also. Keep in mind to update your aadhar card and PAN card also if you’re an Indian resident. This can prevent you from any future trouble which can be caused due to the wrong/previous address present on any document.

Change The Locks Of Your New House

You’ve no idea how many people have lived at that house before you and they still might have keys with them. So change all the locks of your new house for your own security purpose. Also, it will help you to make sure that all locks are working and your house is the safest place for you to stay.

Get A Professional Home Inspection Done

We all are not professional people, neither we know much about what should be kept in mind before shifting our house as we common people don’t usually do the shifting and all on regular basis. So contact any professional person to do a deep inspection of your new house so to make sure that your house is all ready to shift and live or not. The inspection must include minor details also such as Internet connection, water, and electricity supply, LPG supply, environment, and other factors, paint, pest control, and everything possible that may impact our lives in the smallest way possible.

Update Your License And Voter Card

License and voter’s card are the very basic documentation which one always carries with him/herself and can be required anywhere. Make sure that you’ve updated these documents the next day after shifting to your new house.

These were the most basic and important things to do before shifting and one must include all of them in his/her checklist. Also, it’s a big task to shift all the things so it can be stressful and may lead to anxiety or some other medical problem so don’t forget to carry a first aid kit with you. So, that’s all to be conveyed to you.

FAQs about Things to Do Before Shifting to a New House:

Why is it important to check the electricity and water supply at the new house before shifting?

Checking the electricity and water supply beforehand ensures that basic necessities are available upon moving in. It helps prevent inconvenience and ensures a smooth transition into the new home.

How can I ensure I haven't forgotten to pack any essential items before shifting?

To ensure you haven’t forgotten any essential items, create a checklist and systematically pack each category of items. This helps to organize belongings and minimizes the chance of overlooking important things.

Why is decluttering important before shifting to a new house?

Decluttering before shifting helps to reduce unnecessary belongings, making the moving process more efficient and cost-effective. It also ensures that only essential items are transported to the new home, saving space and reducing clutter.

What should I do with important documents before shifting?

Before shifting, ensure that all important documents are collected and safely stored in a designated place where they won’t get misplaced. This prevents potential trouble that may arise from lost or misplaced documents.

Why should I consider getting a professional home inspection done before shifting?

A professional home inspection helps identify any potential issues or concerns with the new house before moving in. It ensures that the property is safe, functional, and suitable for habitation, addressing any necessary repairs or adjustments beforehand.

What documents should I update after shifting to a new house?

After shifting to a new house, it’s important to update documents such as your address with USPS, IRS, post office, bank, Aadhar card, PAN card, driver’s license, and voter’s card to reflect your new address and ensure smooth communication and legal compliance.

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