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Best Residential Areas In Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)

Coimbatore is the third-largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is a city popularly known as the Manchester of India. Due to industrialization it also has some of the best institutions and industries. It is also known as the textile capital. Coimbatore has the following residential areas as follows :


R.S Puram is located in the western part of the city and it has everything one can need. It is as part of a commercial as it is residential. It is surrounded by a lot of educational institutions. It also has affordable and good Providence for tenants, it is a really comfortable place to live in.


Avinashi road can be called the gateway to the city. It is also a gateway for the East and northeast parts of India. Due to having a lot of important places like IT institutions, educational institutions, malls, hospitals, and theatres it has become a major hub.

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For people who are fond of greenery, this will be the best place to live in since it has a lot of Greenery which makes it suitable for people. It is one of the best areas to live in Coimbatore. It also has good affordability and surroundings.

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Gandhipuram is located in the middle of the city which is a really popular place among locals and is flooded with crowds. It is a major place for shopping and entertainment and it also has some of the big gardens for locals and it also provides a play area for kids. A lot of IT companies are located nearby too which makes it perfect to live or reside in.

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For the students looking for places to live as a bachelor, this place is perfect for them as it can be termed as the educational hub since it has a good amount of institutions and schools for students, it also has a lot of places for entertainment like malls and it has a lot of IT companies too which makes it perfect to live for the students.

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Saibaba colony is one of the posh areas of the city as it is connected to areas like Gandhipuram and R. S Puram. It also is famous for its food joints and for the parking space it provides for its residents. It is one of the best places to afford individual properties as they are easily available. Its name is derived from a Saibaba temple located in the locality. 


Thondamuthur is a sub-urban and fastest-growing place among all which makes it a developing hub. It has a good amount of housing properties at affordable prices and it is a good spot Because of the greenery around it. It is mostly suitable for family places.


The racecourse is a popular hub for food lovers as it has a lot and a good amount of food places. It is really popular among youngsters and adults as it is a good place for running or taking morning or evening walks as it has lots of space for that. It is also popularly known as Switzerland of Coimbatore. 

These are some of the most well-known and popular places in Coimbatore but there are a lot more left to be explored. Coimbatore is a city with temples and commercial hubs mixed. It is one of the best cities in Tamil Nadu and it has a good amount of places for families and bachelors alike. 

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