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How to Move Your Valuable Households Safely, Quickly, and Cheaply

Are you relocating? Are you shifting to some other place? If it is a yes, then what about your valuable items? Some household things are not only precious and important but also we can have a great sense of attachment towards them, isn’t it? So they too need to be moved with great care and equal safety.

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So what is the way to shift them with care, protection, and safety? It is to hire a professional moving firm to shift your valuables. They will treat your valuables with priority and care. However, it is advised not to get careless by putting all the responsibility on the movers. You should also remain alert during the move.

Things To Remember While Shifting

Decide Which Items Are The Valuables

Firstly determine which items are precious and important to you. Items like electronic appliances, Jewellery, ornaments, documents, antiques, and items that feel precious to you are regarded as valuables. If these are misplaced then it can be painful at times.

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Determine Where These Valuables Are

It is very natural to forget where these things are kept if they are not used or searched frequently. People usually can’t even remember when did they last have seen these or used them. So it’s important to recall what can be their location in order to decide what is to be moved and how.

Make A List Of All The Valuable Items

It is always advisable to create a list of all the items you want to move. It always helps when you are categorizing and packing the items accordingly. It also helps when you are finally unpacking after relocation.

Get An Insurance

It’s always an excellent idea to get insurance done for the expansive items you are shifting by an insurance company. It is very much helpful if any of the goods go missing in the process.

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Take Pictures And Make Notes

Take pictures of your items, in case any need arises to show them to your insurance company in case of any mishap. Also, make a few notes of any special features you want to remember about them.

Having The Documents Of The Items   

Always keep the documents like purchase bills, warranty cards, or any related documents that can be needed to produce in any case.

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Categorization Followed By Organization

After listing and documentation, categorize all your valuables according to their nature, size, and movability. It will help in the packing process by smoothening it.

Organize The Larger Items

When you have goods like home appliances, kitchen or electronic appliances, paintings, furniture, and stuff you can either pack by yourselves or you can take help from a professional firm.

Organize The Smaller Items

When you have precious items like jewelry, ornaments, bond paper, precious stones, financial agreements, legal documents, cheque book, credit cards, medications, small electronic gadgets, memory chips, currencies, etc you should pack them separately in a box and carry along with you when you move.

Get An Insurance By The Movers

If you getting all this done through a professional mover, get your valuables insured by them while signing the contract of relocation.

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Always Choose Quality Packing Materials

You always should buy standard good quality packing materials to pack your large and small size valuables. Also, you should get some strong and durable boxes of different sizes like small, medium, and large. When these boxes will be strong enough they will be able to withstand various physical challenges posed during the relocation process.

Along with this, get some packing supplements such as scissors, old newspapers, labels, colored tapes, markers, etc as they will help in finalizing the packings.

Also don’t forget to get enough bubble wraps and packing papers in order to provide fully sufficient protection to your precious valuables, as these are very much important.

How To Pack The Things

Packing Your Larger Items

The valuables larger in size and heavier in weight need to be moved in wooden crates and special moving boxes specially made for this purpose to serve.

  • Pack them with high-quality tapes using bubble wraps and fill the left-out vacant space with old newspapers.
  • Get their complete cushioning done in order to protect your valuables from colliding with each other and hence suffering from any tear or breakage.
  • Tie the packages properly to make them damage-free.

When moving larger valuables it is advised to hire professional packers and movers as they are trained to shift your goods without any damage or any other trouble. Also, they provide insurance for your precious belongings.

Packing The Smaller Items

Since smaller items are more prone to damage and are easy to get misplaced, it is good to keep them along with yourself while moving.

  • Pack small valuables in properly sized cases as per their nature.
  • These cases should then be kept in a small moving box with proper packing.
  • If any vacant space is left, it should be filled with proper fillings such as newspapers, pads etc in order to avoid any shakes or shocks in the box.
  • Pack all the related necessary documents and paperwork in a separate box or file and keep it with yourself.

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Label The Packages Carefully

After packing all the precious items, label all the boxes with colored markers individually. It is also advised to name them accordingly like appliances, kitchen items, books, etc.  you can also like quotes like “breakable things”, “delicate items” etc. Along with this don’t forget to put arrow marks on all the sides of the box to ensure that the delicate items stand upright.

Relocating Your Precious Valuables

Load the packages with larger items inside the moving vehicle or truck and check that all boxes are properly packed. Also, it is highly advised to hire a professional mover company to shift your larger households as it will ensure the safe delivery of your items.

With the help of labeling, you will be able to identify all the small boxes and it is advised to keep the document file or box to carry along with you in your car or the vehicle you are traveling in. It can be the safest place to keep small and fragile valuable items.

Verify Your Valuables

After you reach your new location, pay proper time to verify your packages for any signs of breakage or damage, if any, that might have occurred during the shift. Unload the packages from the moving vehicle and open them. Firstly, open the list and cross-check that you have got all the boxes and packages on the list. Then observe the condition of the valuables to see if there is any damage. If you find any such damage, ensure to document the damage by again taking the pictures of such valuables, as you can file a damage claim with the insurance or the mover company later, as was insured in a contract signed before the relocation.

FAQs on Moving Your Valuable Household Items:

What are considered valuable household items?

Valuable household items typically include electronic appliances, jewelry, ornaments, documents, antiques, and any items that hold sentimental value.

Why is it important to determine where valuables are located before moving?

It’s essential to remember the locations of valuable items as they might not be frequently accessed. Knowing their whereabouts helps in organizing and packing them efficiently during relocation.

Why should I make a list of all the valuable items before moving?

Creating a comprehensive list of valuable items facilitates organized packing and unpacking. It also aids in categorizing items and helps in case of insurance claims or documenting damage.

Is getting insurance for valuable items necessary during relocation?

Yes, obtaining insurance for valuable items is highly recommended. Insurance provides financial protection in case of loss or damage during the moving process.

Why should I choose quality packing materials for valuable items?

Quality packing materials ensure adequate protection for valuable items during transit. Strong and durable boxes, bubble wraps, and packing papers minimize the risk of damage during relocation.

How should I label packages containing valuable items?

It’s important to label packages containing valuable items with colored markers and descriptive labels. Additionally, indicating fragile contents and using arrow marks for orientation helps movers handle them with care.

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