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How To Pack Lamps For Safely Shifting

There are many different reasons one might decide to move. You found your dream house, or you wanted a shorter commute to work or maybe you just wanted a change of scenery. Your reason for moving might be different but what is universal is the stress of moving.  You need to decide on the right movers, the right mode of transportation, and the right way to pack. This becomes especially important when it comes to delicate and precious possessions such as glassware, appliances, jewelry, etc. You can rest easy as we provide a detailed guide on how to pack some of these items such as lamps for moving.

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Different Types Of Lamps

There are a variety of table lamps that one can have. It can be roughly categorized by where they are installed. The different types of lamps based on their location are:

  • Floor lamps: They are designed to stand on the floor and give a simple and elegant touch to the interior. Floor lamps are versatile and elevated surfaces are not required for it.
  • Table lamps: These lamps are kept on the surfaces such as dining room or bedroom tables. They are smaller than floor lamps and give a clean look to the interior.
  • Desk lamps: These are used for specific workspaces and usually one can keep them on study tables or home office spaces. Some desk lamps even attach to desks and can rotate at different angles to provide light.
  • Wall lamps: These are directly mounted on walls and can be used for external as well as interior lighting. They are wired into the construction of a room.
  • Overhead lamps: They are mounted on the ceiling and are usually wired into the construction of a room like wall lamps.

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Types Of Lamps
Types Of Lamps

Out of all the defined categories, the most commonly moved lamps during shifting to another place include floor lamps, table lamps, and desk lamps. When you are packing lamps for moving, there are certain steps that you need to follow to do it properly.

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Choose The Right Box

Firstly you should get a square or rectangular box from a retail store that is discarding it. Since buying boxes from a moving company is not the best deal.

But standard size boxes do not usually work for lamps. So in this instance, you should buy a box from a moving company. It allows you to choose the right size of the box based on your lamp design and size. You should measure all your lamps and then purchase boxes for them.

Once the boxes are put together then secure them with packaging tape at the bottom. It will be proven to spill the goods that will be packed in it.

A Moving Box
A Moving Box

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Pack Each Part Separately

It is important to keep in mind that all parts of the lamps should be packed separately. You should remove the bulb and the lampshade before packing. Then wrap the cord around the lamp base so it is secure and won’t unravel. But you should avoid packaging tape for this part as it may stick to the lamp and damage it. So you can just tuck the plug end in the wrapped cord.

Then spread out a large bubble wrap on a flat surface. Then place the lamp in the middle of it and roll it up. Then secure it with tape. But if it is a longer move then it will be wise to add another layer of bubble wrap.

After it is bubble wrapped, fold over the edge of the bubble wrap to secure the bottom and generally wrap several layers of tape around it for securing it properly. Follow the same process for the top of the lamp. Then the lamp will be completely covered and protected for the move.

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Lampshade Packing

Use plain paper for the lampshade and not newspapers. Then wrap it with bubble wrap. Then make sure that you can close your box without crushing the shade inside.

You should also make sure that your hands are clean so that the shades do not get stained. It is okay to stack more than one shade in a box if they fit comfortably. Then put the box with lampshades in a secure location among other boxes. Ensure that other boxes are not kept on top of it to prevent additional pressure.

Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap

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Mark The Box Containing The Lamp As Fragile

If you have more than one lamp then after placing the first lamp base down, you can see if another lamp can fit beside it. If it can then place the other one in a similar manner inside the box or else you can get a new box for your other lamps.

Once the lamp is set in a box, use bubble wrap or newspapers to fill the empty spaces. It ensures that the lamp does not shift during the move. You should then seal the box properly with tapes and check if it is properly secured. Then write “fragile” on the box and keep it on the moving van. You should also write the room to which the lamp belongs. Then it reaches the destination directly without unnecessary damage.

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Packing floor lamps and table lamps generally require a lot of caution. But desk lamps are usually easy to pack especially the modern led desk lamps. But they should still be packed following the above steps so that it is not damaged at any point. Any added pressure or a slip of the hand can easily damage the lamp.

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If you follow all the steps properly then you can easily pack your lamp during moving. It will ensure that the lamp reaches the desired destination undamaged. Using a proper technique is important during packing. Else one might lose valuable belongings during the process. Lamps are fragile objects that can easily get damaged when it is not handled with caution. Thus it is important to ensure that every procedure is followed accurately and implemented mentioned in the article.

FAQs About Packing Lamps for Safely Shifting

Why is it important to pack lamps properly during a move?

Packing lamps properly during a move is crucial to prevent damage to these delicate items. Lamps are fragile and can easily break if not handled and packed with care.

What are the different types of lamps that are commonly moved during a relocation?

Commonly moved lamps include floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, wall lamps, and overhead lamps. Each type requires specific packing techniques to ensure safe transportation.

How should I choose the right box for packing lamps?

It’s recommended to choose a square or rectangular box of the appropriate size based on the lamp’s design and dimensions. Boxes obtained from retail stores discarding them or purchased from moving companies are suitable options.

What materials should I use to wrap lamps for moving?

Bubble wrap is an excellent choice for wrapping lamps as it provides cushioning and protection against impacts. Additionally, using plain paper for lampshades and avoiding newspapers helps prevent stains and damage.

What precautions should be taken when packing lamps for moving?

When packing lamps for moving, ensure that the cords are securely wrapped, and the lamp bases are well cushioned with bubble wrap. Avoid stacking heavy items on top of lamp boxes, and fill any empty spaces with packing material to prevent shifting during transit. Following these precautions helps minimize the risk of damage to lamps during the move.

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