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Your phone rings, it’s your boss calling, and Voila! You’ve been promoted and told that you have to move to a new location. After all the happiness, excitement and countless parties come the difficult part, ‘How to move your stuff?!?!’, as soon as this question pops up, you start to worry, you look around and see all the items you’ve collected over the years, your head starts spinning and now all you are is confused. But don’t worry, this article is going to take you through all the steps from making a list to executing every step you write on that list. Follow these steps to make your move easy, efficient, and convenient:

List of House Items

Let’s start with something simple and easy and what’s easier than making a list of all the items you have? Start from the big things like a sofa, tables, chairs, television, almirah, etc to the smallest of things such as bags, plants, utensils, etc. You need to include everything in your list so you can later sort and arrange them in boxes.

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Packing Boxing 

Well, how much ever you want to fight but this ain’t that boxing. For boxing, you have to get cardboard boxes, for this, you can go to your nearest grocery shop and ask them for boxes which they should give you without any issue. 

Mark the boxes, name them with a permanent marker, and then pack in the associated things in the box. For instance, you have to pack your clothes. Then for that, you should name a box ‘clothes’ and pack your clothes accordingly in that. If you have a lot of clothes, you can separate and pack them in different boxes, like you can name a box of winter clothes for packing winter clothes and the same for your summer clothes.

Follow the same steps to pack utensils, books, decorative items, etc.

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Bubble Wrapping 

Make sure you pack your decorative fragile items and other fragile items in bubble wrap. They are cheap and easy to find. This ensures that your belongings won’t break easily due to bumps on the roads. 

Packers today carry bubble wraps and other packaging items with them. You can ask for their help to pack the oversized items such as the almirah, tv, bed, etc so that they don’t get scratches on them.


A good packer and mover service will have all the licenses and certificates needed to conveniently move your stuff without any uncalled trouble. Check for the registration number on the bill and also the trade license and service tax details.

Choosing The Size Of Your Transport 

Choosing the size of your transport is essential and important to save money and to book a transport that is exactly according to your needs. The greater the space, the greater the cost, so make sure you chose the right size.

Site Checking And Reviews

You should go online and check on Google the nearest packers and movers to your location. You can also ask your friends, family members, and in your society or flat to get a clearer idea of the packing and moving scenario around you.

Before confirming any packer and mover service you should go to their site and check their page this will give you an idea of the level of professionalism you will deal with. Reviews can bring in insight and belief that what you’re choosing is right and the best.

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Experience And Cost 

Experience in this context is directly proportional to the survival of your items. A packer and mover company that has no experience or less experience cannot be trusted with your valuables items but this also doesn’t mean that experience should cost you a lot of money, the price should be fair by the expertise.

The easiest way to measure experience here is to talk to the team of people who would be dealing with packing and moving. A team with expertise will have all the answers to your questions and provide you with an assurance that helps you ease your stress.

After moving to your new place, you won’t be unpacking everything instantly but there are things that you will need as soon as you move into your new place. For this, you can do a little something more, pack all your essential items in a box that you would need instantly when you move in. This way you can avoid remembering and testing your deducing skills before you open up every box and prove that you’re not good at it. This will help you settle in easily at your new place and you can unpack other things at your own pace. 

Packing and moving, it’s difficult and exhausting but not if done the right way and with the right help. Not only moving to a new location but moving to a new flat, moving to a new office space or even if it’s sending your items to your home town. Look into all these things when you have to move cause your items are a part of you and you don’t want your part to be broken or lost.

FAQs: How to Plan Your Next Shifting

Why is making a list of house items important before shifting?

Making a list of house items helps you organize your belongings, prioritize packing, and ensure nothing gets left behind during the move. It also assists in estimating packing materials and transport size needed for the move.

What are some tips for packing items into cardboard boxes?

Use sturdy cardboard boxes obtained from grocery stores, label each box clearly with its contents, and pack related items together for easy unpacking. Separating seasonal clothes or fragile items into different boxes can streamline the process.

Why is bubble wrapping recommended for fragile items?

Bubble wrapping provides cushioning and protection to fragile items, preventing breakage or damage during transportation. It absorbs shocks and bumps, ensuring the safety of delicate belongings.

How can I ensure the authenticity of a packer and mover service?

Verify the registration number, trade license, and service tax details of the packer and mover service. Look for online reviews and check their website for professionalism and credibility.

How do I choose the right size of transport for my belongings?

Assess the volume of your belongings and choose a transport size that accommodates them comfortably without excess space. Opting for the appropriate size helps save costs and ensures efficient transportation.

What should I keep in mind when moving to a new location?

Consider the importance of your belongings and ensure they are handled with care during the moving process. Whether it’s a new home, office space, or sending items to your hometown, prioritize the safety and security of your belongings.

How can I ensure a smooth transition to my new place?

Pack essential items separately and label them for immediate access upon arrival at your new place. This reduces the hassle of searching through boxes and allows for a more comfortable settling-in process.

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