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12 Tips to Make Sure You Hire the Quality Movers

When you’re ready to hire Movers, the last thing you want is to hire a company that moves the wrong way. To avoid making this mistake, here are some tips for hiring quality movers.

It is quite natural that there are probably a lot of questions on your mind about the shifting, the pricing, availability, time, and most important professionalism and efficiency.

Tips to Make Sure You Hire the Quality Movers

Below we have noted down some pointers to make the task easier for you to choose you’re Movers and Packers Company in case you are making a move to the next

1- Get Quotations From At Least 3 Reputed Companies

Get Quotations From At Least 3 Reputed Companies

When you are shortlisting a movers and packers company, it is best to take an estimate from at least 3 reputed companies, if you want you can take 4-5. However, 3 is the best bet we guess, as more will only lead to confusion. Always ask for a quotation in writing as everything will be written clearly. Once the company provides the details of its services in writing, you can go through the draft, compare the prices and then make your decision. You should also check whether they have an involved service guarantee as well. In an unfortunate event what are the damage charges in the case, any of the goods get dented or broken in transit?

2- Shortlist The Company With The Best Price And Not The Lowest One

Choosing companies with the lowest pricing structure may not always be a good idea as the lowest estimate may not provide you with the required quality. Fraud companies can deliberately give you low-priced quotes and make your book with them. Instead, choose the ones with the best price quoting and compare what kind of services they are offering.

3- Ask For References

It is always a good idea to ask for first-hand references for a movers and packers company, from your friends or relatives. One can also check on Google and have a look at their reviews. Most of these first-hand and online reviews will do the task of putting up a clear picture of how reliable the company is.

Apart from checking references, you can also check-

  • How long the company has been in this business?
  • Have there been any complaints registered against the company?
  • Do they have a cancellation policy?
  • What kinds of payments does the company accept?

4- Always Check For Hidden Costs As Sometimes They Might Not Be Involved In Their Quotation

Most of the movers and packers companies sometimes charge additional fees if you want them to do more than the basic shifting. One should check beforehand about such types of additional costs. While checking with their quotations one needs to be extra cautious as most of the companies will try and make these costs look like they have already included them in their quote.

5- Do Not Pay Any Exorbitant Cash Or Deposit Beforehand

Reputable movers and packers companies will never ask for any kind of a large amount of cash or deposit to be given before the shifting. The customer should only pay upon the delivery of the entire amount and not beforehand. If any company is demanding a deposit that is oddly huge before the shifting of your goods, then this can be considered a red flag. You should immediately drop the idea and look for a company that does not demand any cash before moving.  A booking amount is fine so that the company can book your name on the said day and date. Also if possible you can pay by credit card or by cheque payment to keep yourself safe from any fraudulent activity.

6- Taking An Inventory Of All Your Belongings And Goods

A reputed company will always take inventory of your belongings. It will also check the weight and bulk of your goods with an in-person survey or virtually. This way the said company will also have a fair idea about the quantity of the goods to be moved and check beforehand for any overweight belonging. If the company which you are going to hire does not take an inventory beforehand, you need to immediately be aware of the same. In such a situation, it may happen that if you are not alert, then the company at the last moment may refuse to shift or may end up charging you at an exorbitant price. These last-minute hassles are uncalled for as they only add up to the stress.

7- If Possible Book The Shifting On An Odd Day

If it is possible for you, you need to book odd days in a week or a month as the charges are much less as compared to the weekends. If it is doable, mid-week or mid-month shifting is the best bet as it will help you save money.

8- Ensure That The Movers And Packers Have Appropriate Equipment

Before finalizing the companies ensure that they have sufficient transportation to shift the goods. If you have too many belongings then a small or medium truck won’t suffice as it will take time in traveling along with increased labor work. The company needs to have a big truck to transport all the goods in one or a maximum of 2 road trips.

9- Understand What Is The Flat Rate And Hourly Rate

Some companies charge flat rates wise and some are based on hourly. It always makes sense to go by the flat rate (this charge is irrespective of how long the move will take). The price is already set, how many men will it require and the kind of truck it will need. If you are sure about the number of your goods, and the time it will take you can go by the hourly rate. However, discuss all these details with the company you have chosen.

10- Ask Beforehand Whether The Movers And Packers Have Their Truck Or A Rented One

If the packers have their truck then clearly they will charge you less, however, if they have provided a rented truck then the transportation costs will automatically increase.

11- Do The Movers And Packers Have The Required Equipment For Loading And Unloading

Loading And Unloading

Professional movers and packers make use of devices and different types of gear such as trolleys, which will make it simple to stack and load the goods in the boxes. It will also help save time and space.

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12- Personally Visit The Offices Of The Movers And Packers

Personally Visit The Offices Of The Movers And Packers

Any legitimate mover and packers will have their own established office. You can visit their office personally and check the infrastructure. One can ask them first-hand questions and also discuss what you overall expect from the shifting of your goods.

Moving your possessions from one place to another sure is taxing and time-consuming, but with the right kind of professional help, you can surely have a smooth process and get the work done efficiently.

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FAQs for Choosing Movers and Packers Company:

Why should I get quotations from multiple companies?

Getting quotations from at least three reputed companies helps you compare prices, services, and quality. It ensures that you make an informed decision based on various factors.

Should I choose the company with the lowest price?

It’s advisable not to solely focus on the lowest price. Instead, prioritize the company that offers the best value for the services provided. Quality and reliability should be key considerations.

How can I ensure the reliability of a moving company?

Asking for references, checking online reviews, and investigating the company’s background are crucial steps. Look for how long they’ve been in business, any complaints against them, and their policies regarding cancellations and payments.

What are hidden costs, and how can I avoid them?

Hidden costs are additional fees charged for extra services not mentioned upfront. To avoid them, thoroughly review the quotation, clarify all charges, and ensure everything is documented in writing.

Is it safe to pay a deposit beforehand?

Reputable companies typically don’t demand large deposits upfront. Be cautious of excessive cash requests and prefer payment upon delivery. A reasonable booking amount is acceptable to secure your moving date.

Are there cost-saving strategies for moving?

Booking moves on weekdays or mid-month can often lead to lower charges than weekends or peak times. Planning ahead and choosing off-peak periods can help reduce overall costs.

Why is visiting the office of movers and packers recommended?

Visiting the company’s office allows you to assess their professionalism, infrastructure, and credibility. It enables direct communication and builds trust before entrusting them with your possessions.

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