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The Expert’s Guide to What To Do Before The Movers Arrive

Congratulations, if you are reading this, as you are stepping toward starting a new journey in your life. Moving to a new house either in the same city or relocating to a new place comes with mixed feelings of joy and anxiety. There is joy and happiness to start everything afresh but there is also some level of anxiety because of the entire process of packing and moving your belongings in the right condition to your new house.

Moving is one of the major life changes- it is not only time-consuming and quite expensive but it is also overwhelming at times and sometimes it could be fearful too. But it doesn’t have to be like that always. Instead of looking at it as a burdensome chore or something to dread, consider it to be a new adventure that you are hopping on to.

The Expert's Guide to What To Do Before The Movers Arrive

The movers play a crucial role in helping you move and settle in your new house. Therefore, it is equally important as well as your primary responsibility to ensure that the movers can carry out their job efficiently and effectively. Hence, to make this whole process smooth and hassle-free, you may need to consider the following points:

1. Planning is the key

The foremost important thing is to have a planned course of action. You need to prepare for selling the old house and prepare the new house for moving and settling in, you need to know in advance when you need to shift, how and when to pack your stuff, which mover to hire, how much budget you have to carry out the whole movement, etc.

2. Decluttering, Organising, and Categorising your belongings

Before moving to a new house, it’s advised to declutter and categorize your old belongings. You need to identify the things that you wish to carry with you to your new home and what not to take along. When you settle into a new house, proper organizing of stuff at this stage can prove to be very helpful and stress-free. You can donate the things that you don’t wish to take with you to the needy, sell off the extra things that are no longer required, discard and throw away the tarnished and broken items, and pack the stuff you want to take along in proper order.

Organize your stuff based on priority, purpose, type, etc so that you can unpack quickly and easily.

3. Properly packing up your things

Properly packing up your things

It may sound like just a word, but it is the whole process in actuality. You got to categorize your stuff and pack each of the items together for easy unpacking. You need to have packing supplies beforehand. You would need sturdy boxes and cartons of various sizes, foam pouches, and bubble wraps. You can make separate cartons for clothes, shoes, books, electronic appliances, etc., and label each carton so that once you start to unpack after reaching your new house you don’t get confused and end up opening everything at once in search of finding what you would actually be looking for. Make sure to clean your stuff, especially electronic items and their cables, decoration items, etc. so that it saves you time once you reach your new house and start installing these things in their new place.

4. Noting and Listing all the items and taking their pictures

Try to make a list of all the items that you have packed and you are sending along with the movers as it would create transparency as to what all item is sent with them and so that it’s easy to locate the items for both parties. Also, take pictures of any fragile or important item before and after packing and attach them so that in case of any discrepancy, its responsibility could be tracked. Make sure you label and mark the items that are fragile or need extra care.

5. Doing all of the above well before the time

Please don’t wait to pack your stuff at the last moment as it can lead to last-moment anxiety along with unplanned and unorganized packing. It’s advised to keep your stuff packed at least a week prior and leave only the most required things for the last night and make sure to pack those at least 2 hours before leaving. Don’t keep packing until the movers arrive and don’t let them wait for long as it will not only make you pay them extra bucks but will also lead to mismanagement. Hence, keep all your stuff and lists ready before the movers arrive.

6. Cross-check everything before you make the final move

Navigate through the house once your packing is done and check all the floors, rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, etc to ensure nothing is left behind. Keep some extra supplies as you may require them in case of any last-moment emergency or unforeseen situation.

7. Treat the movers nicely

Moving is a tedious and exhausting task and requires a lot of effort and energy. The movers may have to do multiple rounds in loading your stuff and may take a lot of time. The packages may be heavy too and may require extra care. So please ensure to provide basic necessities to the movers such as a clean washroom with basic toiletries, bottled water, easy snacks, and some rest if the entire process takes longer than 4-5 hours. Treating the movers gently will help them perform better.

The above-mentioned are some of the basic things to take care of before the movers arrive and start moving your luggage to your new house. If you leave your old place in a decent and well-planned way then your settling down in the new house will also be smooth and well-organized. Therefore, planning your entire moving process well in advance can help you and the movers have an overall pleasant experience.

With these few tips, wishing you a Happy Moving!

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FAQs – What To Do Before The Movers Arrive

Why is planning essential before the movers arrive?

Planning ensures a smooth and efficient moving process by considering factors like selling the old house, preparing the new house, determining the moving date, packing strategies, and budget allocation.

How important is decluttering and organizing belongings before moving?

Decluttering and organizing belongings before moving help streamline the process, reduce stress, and ensure that only essential items are transported to the new home.

What are some essential packing tips for a successful move?

Proper packing involves categorizing items, using sturdy boxes and packing supplies, labeling cartons, cleaning items before packing, and noting fragile or important items with pictures.

Why is it recommended to list and photograph items before moving?

Listing and photographing items before moving create transparency and help track the responsibility of fragile or important items in case of discrepancies during the move.

Why should packing be completed well before the movers arrive?

Completing packing well in advance prevents last-minute anxiety, ensures organized packing, and avoids unnecessary delays or extra charges from the movers.

What should be done to cross-check everything before the final move?

Before the final move, it’s essential to thoroughly inspect all areas of the house to ensure nothing is left behind and to prepare extra supplies for any unforeseen emergencies.

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