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How to Pack and Move Outdoor Furniture?

Moving outdoor furniture is not a complex job, but a tedious one. It involves processes and strategies to avoid any misdeeds, theft, or other inconveniences.

The furniture is an asset in which we invest a lot of money to purchase and maintain. While indoor furniture sustains a long period without any hassle, outdoor furniture requires adequate care and precautions to maintain its superior condition.

How to Pack and Move Outdoor Furniture Informational Infographic

Moreover, moving outdoor furniture requires a lot of precautions to be taken to sustain its good conditions. The article discusses a few such steps which are required to follow in packing and moving outdoor furniture.

Step One: Consider The New Scenario

Rethink the space available in the new location where you are shifting your furniture. If you are downsizing the space, then think of other alternatives to moving the furniture. Since your outdoor furniture would require an outdoor space in the new location, you might end up dumping all the furniture in the store room.

You can also contemplate other alternatives such as reselling some of the furniture which would not be required further. It will save money. You will be also free from the responsibility of maintaining large stock of unused furniture in the new place.

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Step Two: Inspect And Clean The Furniture

Many outdoor furniture becomes infested with bugs if kept outdoor for a long time. Therefore, it is a mandatory regime to inspect the furniture carefully wearing thick cleaning gloves while preparing it for dispatching. There are many oils or disinfectant available in the market which helps to clean furniture and make it bug-free.

Apart from this, you can also clean the furniture using water and light detergent. The outdoor furniture usually develops rusts, mud, sticky dust, etc. These are difficult to remove until and unless you rub them with a proper duster. Once the dust is cleaned, wash carefully with water. You can also use a wet duster for final cleaning. 

To make sure that the furniture is properly dried after cleaning, keep the chairs, umbrellas, tables, and other outdoor furniture in the open dry place for two days after cleaning. The problem will be solved. You might need to flip the sides of umbrella fabric, chairs or tables intermittently to ensure all the sides receive the sunlight and air properly.

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Step Three: Dismantle The Furniture

Sometimes valuable furniture becomes affected while packing and moving to a different place. To avoid any tearing, hazards, scratches, and others, it is always a wise decision to dismantle the furniture. Many furniture such as tables with glass-top, the glass top can be easily dismantled and packed separately.

There are many wooden and metal chairs used as outdoor furniture which can be easily folded. It is advised to pack that furniture as folded. It helps in packing and moving more efficiently.

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Step Four: Pack The Durable Furniture

Do not overlook packing the durable furniture. It takes similar care and consideration as packing wicker furniture. To pack durable furniture make sure that it is completely clean and dry. Packing while not removing the dust results in worsening the complete packing process. It also increases the chances of infestation and wearing. Therefore, the clean and dry furniture must be wrapped with bubble wrap and then in thick furniture blankets.

If there are any small parts of the furniture that are removable, keep those loose parts aside. Pack those parts in a separate packet, and wrap them with a bubble sheet and thick furniture blanket. Do not forget to label all the packed furniture. It will help to identify the packages later and process the task smoothly.

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The wicker furniture must be packed more carefully. The furniture must be cleaned and dried before packing. However, to ensure its good condition, all the sides should be packed with plastic.

Step Five: Pack Wicker Furniture

The plastic will keep the furniture moist for a long time. The wicker outdoor furniture is more fragile to break. Therefore, the key aim should be to make it highly resistant to breaking in case these are moved at a long distance. Wrap the furniture with a bubble sheet twice or thrice. Then use strong folds of a thick furniture blanket to wrap it completely. It will make the packed furniture durable for long-distance travel. Do not forget to label the packing.

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Step Six: Load The Furniture Carefully

Introspect the type of space you require in the car or truck to move the package and arrange accordingly. Do not stack the wicker outdoor furniture at the base. Rather put the durable furniture at the bottom.

Bind the furniture to the sides of the car to avoid any collision. Carry the list of all the labeled packages to check in case of any misplaced, lost, or theft of items. It will help to systematically dispatch the packages without much worry.

Step Seven: Unpack The Furniture

Once the furniture is moved to the destination, tally it with the list of labels. Check if any misdeed happened during the period of transport. In case of any unfortunate incident, inform the respective authority and follow up. Take time to unpack the furniture. However, do not keep it in the pack for a long time. It can result in rusting, wearing, infestation, or other hazards.

Step Eight: Take Help From Professionals

The tedious process of packing and moving outdoor furniture can easily be solved with professional help. In India and other parts of the world, many companies offer expert services in packing and moving. Their help solves many issues in the process and saves time. Only you need to call them and share the necessary information to do the task. Their team makes all the jobs done easily.

Next time when you have to again pack and move the outdoor furniture to a new place, only keep the contact details of a few selected packers and movers. Call them and take their service. It will be a good help with 100% assurance of safety and security. The modern world has gifted us with this solution from professionals. Then, we should take their help for transporting outdoor furniture to a distant place.

FAQs: Packing and Moving Outdoor Furniture

Why is it important to inspect and clean outdoor furniture before moving?

Inspecting and cleaning outdoor furniture helps remove any dirt, bugs, or rust accumulated over time. This ensures that the furniture is in good condition and prevents infestations or damages during transit.

How should outdoor furniture be packed for moving?

Outdoor furniture should be dismantled if possible to avoid damages. Durable furniture should be wrapped in bubble wrap and thick furniture blankets. Wicker furniture requires extra care, with multiple layers of bubble wrap and plastic wrapping to prevent breakage.

What precautions should be taken while loading outdoor furniture into a vehicle?

Ensure that the furniture is loaded carefully, with durable pieces at the bottom and wicker furniture secured to prevent shifting during transit. Bind the furniture to the sides of the vehicle to avoid collisions, and keep a list of labeled packages for easy reference.

Why is it important to unpack outdoor furniture promptly after arrival?

Unpacking outdoor furniture promptly helps prevent rusting, wearing, infestation, or other hazards that may occur if the furniture remains packed for an extended period. It allows for inspection of any damages that may have occurred during transit.

How can professional packers and movers assist with moving outdoor furniture?

Professional packers and movers offer expert services in packing and moving outdoor furniture, saving time and ensuring safety. They handle the entire process efficiently, from packing to transportation, providing assurance of safety and security during the move.

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