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How To Avoid Moving Scams?

Are all movers safe? Are you really sure that it isn’t a scam? Well, the doubt remains unclear, because it’s very natural if you may fall for a moving scam. People involved in this might look nice, and sound friendly, but you must be aware of their so-called friendly nature. They might fool you or run away with your money.

We have some ideal tips to avoid scams, but before we start let’s discuss what is a moving scam.

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What Is A Moving Scam?

You may have easily guessed what it is by the name. Yes, moving scams are basically scams by moving companies. People while moving away from contact with some legal companies to carry their goods with them, and know the estimated cost. They might not know if the particular company which sounds legal to them is actually a scam. They might charge hidden fees, or they will run away with your luggage or money, anything is possible

These movers generally come and pack your things, they may move your goods without any fuss but will ask for extra charges afterward. Now, this is stated as a scam, because they were not open about the cost before moving the goods. These days scams are getting higher than expected.

We Have Some Red Flags For You, With Those, You Can Avoid Scams Easily.

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Tips To Avoid Moving Scams:

If you’re new to this, and you don’t know how to see if it’s a scam or not, then look for these signs.

Look For Company’s Information:

Don’t just peep into your computer and find someone with a website or a good name. You will have to look for the company’s details along with its name. See if they have experience in moving goods, their feedback from the customers, and licenses. Also, find the physical address details of the company, you never know if they’re real or not. Look for their registration proof or insurance proof.

Asking For Down Payment:

This is a red flag, no licensed company demands a down payment before moving. They will check your goods and tell you the estimated amount. When you are done moving, you will pay only the amount that was discussed. You will have to beware of these scammers who demand a small amount of money before moving your goods. There’s a chance that they might run away with that money. Check for this sign before indulging yourself in any scam.

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Change In Names:

Suspect a company if it has gone through several name changes in months. They are movers not “movies”, they can’t keep changing names if they want to run a successful business. It’s a scam if they change names several times in a month. Always look for the history of the movers to stay a step ahead. One mistake and you could fall into a trap of scammers.

Avoid Paying Through Cash:

Generally, scammers ask for payment in cash, you have to avoid payment in cash. Rather use credit cards or debit cards to pay the amount. This will not only ensure your safety but also provide protection if there’s a dispute. If you think the company is correct, then ask them about the cash deposit. Why are they asking to deposit cash? If they satisfy you then too you will have to move with caution.

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Look For Customers Feedback:

When you will open the website, please don’t look for customer feedback on the site, rather check on the third-party site. Because some movers post reviews on their own. Honest reviews on third-party websites will help you understand the company better, and decide whether you should trust them or not. Another sign if you don’t see any reviews, just avoid looking for them at all. Or if you see reviews that show the same experience repeatedly, you will not want to hire them. It’s definitely a scam if all the reviews sound the same.

Now the question is, what if you get scammed? What can you do in that situation? Well, we have something to tell you about that too.

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What To Do If I’m Scammed?

You may have fallen for a fraud company as a victim by not researching well, paying extra charges, or may have deposited early fees. If any such situation occurs, you just have to report it right away.

You must file a complaint against the company on the National Consumer Complaint Database online. If you think the company is reputed and still you got into a scam, in that case, you must file a complaint to the company itself. If they are really reputable they will address your issue and resolve it in no time. Follow up with their office manager and try to solve your problem related to fraud.

But there must be some cases where you will be left with no option other than using the company. Reach out to a lawyer for help whom you can trust. Expand the whole situation and discuss if it’s really necessary to use this option. Because in certain cases you might resolve these issues with the companies themselves. But when you notice that they aren’t showing any interest you must go for the legal option.

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Before moving to any conclusion just make sure you are making the right choice. Sometimes it’s stress that leads you to take such heavy steps.

Always remember the point mentioned before hiring or trusting anyone with your goods. You can in fact discuss good and reputed moving companies with your friends, family, relatives, or even neighbors. See if they can recommend you a company that would be safe and trustworthy.

You can also avoid scams by following simple precautionary instructions as we have already discussed, besides not all companies are frauds, some are trustworthy. But before taking any step you must be sure about everything.

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This will not only prevent you from moving into scams but also save you from any mishappenings. Beware of fraudulent companies, and avoid falling into traps that lead to scams.

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FAQs – How to Avoid Moving Scams

What constitutes a moving scam, and why should I be concerned about it?

A moving scam typically involves deceptive practices by moving companies, including hidden fees, unprofessional behavior, or even disappearing with your belongings or money. Being aware of potential scams is crucial to safeguard your possessions and financial interests during a move.

What are some red flags to watch out for when dealing with moving companies?

Red flags indicating potential scams include lack of company information, demands for upfront payments, frequent name changes, insistence on cash payments, and suspiciously positive or identical customer reviews. Recognizing these signs can help you avoid falling victim to fraudulent movers.

How can I verify the legitimacy of a moving company before hiring them?

What should I do if I suspect I've been scammed by a moving company?

If you suspect you’ve been scammed, report the incident to the National Consumer Complaint Database and file a complaint with the company itself. If necessary, seek legal assistance to address the issue and explore options for resolving the situation.

How can I protect myself from moving scams proactively?

To protect yourself from moving scams, avoid making cash payments, thoroughly research moving companies, seek recommendations from trusted sources, and review customer feedback from independent platforms. Additionally, trust your instincts and be cautious of any suspicious or unprofessional behavior exhibited by movers.

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