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Important Questions to Landlord Before Renting a New Home

A home is a place where everyone feels secure and relaxed. We create our comfort zone at the place we call home, be it our own place or renting a new home. We make sure to beautify it and make it cozy.

Many a time we need it to shift from our own house to the rented one for many reasons, in which making career is one of the most used ones in which we shift from own home to unknown city and search for the living place.  

Many apartment companies have a leasing management process of 12 months fixed, many are flexible with one on month and monthly rental varies accordingly.

Below can be a few of the Questions to the Landlord Before Renting a New Home”. Make sure to ask them.

Landlord Before Renting a New Home

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1.  What will be the deposit money and is that refundable at the time you will move out? –

Many times, the deposited money is refundable after the adjustments of the maintenance of the vacant house. So, asking these questions would bring clarity before moving in.

2. Do you need to have a rent agreement? Who will process that?

Typically, rent agreements are being made by the landlords but sometimes they as tenants to get that done.

3. Is the Water supply bill and electricity bill included in the rent? If not, what are the charges applicable?

The clarity for both are must, as both things are essential. Sometimes water inlet timing is fixed. So, asking these would be a good idea.

4. What is the due date of rent and how can you pay it?

What is the due date of rent and how can you pay it

Every landlord fixes their due date and rents at their convenience. Ask by when in the month you can pay the rent and if there will be a delay what will be the late charges.

Also, asking for what’s included in the rent apart from water and electricity would be advisable.

5. How far would the market and airport be from the location?

Rents are always dependent on the location. If the complex is in the main market or locality, the rent would be high. So, it’s always better to check with the grocery markets and all the crème locations.

6. Is there any emergency hospital nearby?

Generally, Hospitals are at every corner of the city, but to check how far is the emergency ward from the location.

7. How often is electricity not available, do they notify before the outage?

These days electricity outage is rare but it does happen sometimes. Ask, how often the outage happens.

8. If you will move out before the lease is over, how will be the payment made, is there any fines or charges of lease breakage?

Many a time, we need to move out in between the lease. You may need to ask about the lease breakage and charges for it.

9. How many people can be rented in a home? Do they have to register as co-occupant?

Is there any guest policy? – Many landlords ask for co-occupants and ask them to register in the lease. Make sure to ask about it and register them for your own safety.

10. If you have to shift in the middle of the month, do you have to pay on a prorated basis?

If somehow you are moving in in the middle of the month, the rent will be pro-rata. Ask about it.

11. In some cases, the landlord asks for renter insurance.

Make sure to clear these things up before moving to a new rented house.

12. What is the notice period of leaving the house?

Suppose you need to move and your lease is about to be over, ask for the notice period of the lease. Generally, it’s written in the agreement or lease paper. The notice period might vary from 1 month – 3 months.

13. How does the maintenance work? Are there any emergency contacts for the maintenance if any happens?

This could be one of the most important things to be asked. Asking how the maintenance can be registered and how long it takes to get it done.

14. Is there any in-house furniture? In what condition they are?

Confirm before moving and if there is any damage in it, get that fixed before moving – Generally, the apartments are semi-furnished but, in a few cases, landlords put their belongings furniture for the tenant’s usage. As a new tenant, you may ask for these queries.

15. Is the parking available for the vehicle and is it allotted as per the apartment residents? Is any visitor allowed to park their vehicle on the premises?

Some landlord has a policy for overnight stay of visitor, it’s advisable to clarify these aspects with the landlord before moving.

16. Are pets allowed and are there any charges for keeping pets?

Like the parking policy, landlords customize the policy for the Pets as well. Be sure to ask for the charges and refunds of the pets.

17. Does the rented house include Washer and Dryer And install your own air conditioner?

What is the notice period of leaving the house

Many newly built houses do not have the washer and dryer appliances but they have the W/D built-in unit. The monthly rent goes high depending on the washer-dryer unit. Make sure to query about these before moving in.

18. Is there any ongoing construction going on on the side you are going to rent a house?

We all are aware that construction is very high these days. It might be a bit disturbing to live in a construction area. Look around and check before moving, this can be useful for you to decide on the location to rent a home.

These are the few Questions to the Landlord Before Renting a New Home you may ask. Please add to the comment if you have any more ideas or queries, you have while going for the rented house. Kindly let us know.

I hope these Questions to the Landlord Before Renting a New Home will help you a lot. Please let us know what next you want to hear and share so that we can serve better to you. For more amazing and lovable quotes and content, Keep following and sharing with us.!!!

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