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Important Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Packers and Movers

When shifting from one place to another, we have to look out for multiple things such as packing all our belongings, cleaning the house, visiting the new place, clearing all the due amount, etc. Moving items from one place to another is one of the most crucial tasks, regardless of which its burden can be reduced by choosing a moving company. It is necessary to choose good packers and movers company or else instead of reducing, this will simply increase your work as well as become a burden. Here are some of the things to look out for when choosing a moving company:

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Genuineness Of The Company

The first thing to look out for while choosing a moving company is its reliability and genuineness. There are multiple businesses out there providing services of packers and movers however, some of these are fraud and you might end up losing not just your goods, but also paying for them. So, make sure to check the company before signing the deal.

How To Save Yourself From Such Frauds?

With multiple scams happening in today’s time, the good news is, you can still prevent it from happening with you. Making sure the company has a license, contacting and talking to the owner personally, checking whether the organization is verified or not, physically visiting the site if possible, checking the company’s name, etc are a few ways to avoid theft and fraud.

Price Offered

Make sure the price charged by the company is fair. If you are choosing a company from a monopolistic market, there are high chances of an unfair deal. Some of the companies have a malicious practice of asking for an extra charge after signing the deal but before delivering the order, and they threaten the client of not delivering the goods if these extra charges are not paid. Sometimes, they even ask for charges for specific products that are fragile or heavy weighted. Try to communicate about everything before giving them the contract to avoid future conflicts.

How To Get A Fair Price And Not Get Scammed?

Comparing the prices offered by different companies is a good way of making sure you’re charged a fair price. Confirmation of the total amount to be paid in the starting and having written documents about it reduces the chances of getting scammed. Try to pay the amount after delivery is done or pay half in advance if requested.

Reviews About The Entity

Read reviews about the company online to know about the quality of work each entity provides. If there are a higher number of negative comments, try to look for some other organization. If you have any relative or known person in this field, talk to them or simply give them the contract.

If you are not in touch with anyone in this field, try to message people who left a review about the company online. You can also directly ask the company about their older clients and their reviews.

Insurance Policy

Checking the company’s insurance policy and type of insurance provided is a must. What happens if the goods get damaged? Some valuable piece of art gets broken? What if the vehicle meets with an accident? The carelessness of the worker leads to damaged goods? In all such cases, knowing about the company’s insurance policy and the type of insurance provided will help you get the claim. For example, some insurance may protect your goods from certain damage, say fire but not from car accidents. To ensure the safety of goods, choose the company with the best insurance policy.

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Services Provided

Ask the company about all the services they provide. Usually, services provided by the movers and pickers include packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transportation, etc. However, it may vary depending on the organization. Some might offer more or less.

Frauds That Take Place Through Services

Sometimes, you may not need all the services provided by movers and packers. For example, some companies will pack your belongings from the old place and unpack them in the delivery location. But if you already packed your stuff and you plan to unpack on your own in the new place, make sure they don’t charge you for that. With the total amount, ask them to mention all the services included in it.

Experience In The Field

One of the best ways to ensure safety is seeing how old the organization is and work experience in this field. This does not guarantee safe delivery but increases your chances of safe delivery. While checking the experience of the company, make sure to see its percentage/number of successful deliveries along with unsuccessful deliveries and the reasons behind it. Keep in mind the traveling distance while shifting. Usually, for local shifting, prices are based on hours, and for shifting between states or countries, it’s based on weight. However, it’s not compulsory and depends on the company. An experienced company will guide you correctly while offering the best prices.

Tax Charged

Check the tax rate charged. Be aware of the current tax rates and make sure the company doesn’t charge extra under the name of tax.

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Written Document Of The Contract

Make sure the company provides some sort of receipt or paperwork of your deal given by the owner. Try to keep as much information on the paper as possible. Important information such as the name and contact number of the owner, price fixed, total charges, date of delivery, insurance policy, and address of the firm should be on the written document. This ensures security in situations where the organization turns out to be faulty, the company does not claim insurance, or your products get damaged, you can legally sue them. Without the paperwork, you don’t have any proof about the contract and the company can even deny having dealt with you. Take the correct documents, do not sign any papers without reading, and do not sign unfair deals.

These are some of the things to look out for when choosing packers and movers. Remember, a good company aims to satisfy your needs by providing quality service. The best thing you can do as a consumer is not let the salesperson fool you. Keep in mind the above measures and you have high chances of successful delivery at a fair price.

How can I ensure the genuineness of a moving company before choosing them?

To ensure the genuineness of a moving company, check if they have a valid license, contact the owner personally, verify the organization’s credentials, and consider physically visiting their site if possible. These steps help in preventing potential fraud and theft.

What are some tips to avoid scams and fraudulent practices by moving companies?

To avoid scams, compare prices offered by different companies, confirm the total amount to be paid upfront, read online reviews about the company’s reputation, and inquire about their insurance policy. Additionally, ask for references from previous clients to assess their reliability.

How can I determine if the price offered by a moving company is fair?

It’s essential to compare prices offered by different moving companies to ensure a fair deal. Confirm the total amount to be paid in advance and obtain written documentation outlining all the services included in the price. This helps in avoiding unexpected charges or disputes later on.

What should I know about a moving company's insurance policy?

It’s crucial to understand the type of insurance provided by a moving company and the coverage it offers for potential damages or accidents during transit. Ensure that the insurance policy adequately protects your belongings and inquire about the claims process in case of any mishaps.

What should be included in the written contract with a moving company?

The written contract with a moving company should include essential details such as the owner’s name and contact information, agreed-upon price, total charges, date of delivery, insurance policy details, and the company’s address. Having a written contract ensures legal protection and clarity of terms.

How can I ensure that I'm not overcharged for taxes by a moving company?

Stay informed about current tax rates and verify the tax rate charged by the moving company. Be wary of any additional charges under the guise of taxes and ensure transparency in the pricing structure provided by the company.

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