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Did you know how many cities will be smart cities by 2025? Smart Cities are India’s future. Smart City is a concept for a city that combines digital technology and information management solutions to improve its performance. It strives to improve the lives of its inhabitants via improved governance, solid infrastructure, dependable services, and lower resource use. Here are the top 4 cities which are going to be smart cities by 2025.

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Out of 97 cities in India, Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is the top Smart City. Bhubaneswar was the first option for the Ministry of Urban Development’s (MoUD) Smart City initiative. India’s economic growth is heavily reliant on Bhubaneswar. Many national-recognized technical and managerial institutes exist in Odisha, ensuring the availability of highly trained workers. Several incentives are included in the Odisha industrial policy, including energy reimbursement incentives depending on employment. Subsidies for training are also available.

Workers’ hostels were supported with land drinks. Providing incentives for land and infrastructure development, such as financial help for the building of a substation and capital support for the construction of a wastewater treatment pipeline facility. The state government of Odisha has developed a variety of technology interventions, including EBERS, an online platform for efficient inspections with automated procedures, a gis-based site to help in location selection, and an online tool for addressing modification requests. Bhubaneswar will be one of the five smart cities by the year 2025.

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Jaipur has a reputation for great architecture and vibrant culture, and with the Smart City Mission gaining momentum, it is syncing its historic splendor with modernity. Among the projects taking shape in the ancient walled city under the Smart City Mission are projects such as improving and beautifying facades, and restoring heritage buildings, in addition to a traffic management system featuring smart roads. The country has a thriving economy due to its extensive tourism industry, as well as all of the necessary universities. Besides contributing to the nation’s economic well-being, the city is also a significant historical landmark. In addition to having an international port, the city has been emerging as an IT hub over the past few years. Several practices from this city’s past contributed to the well-being of the environment. As a smart city by 2025, Jaipur is among the top five cities in the country.

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In the heart of Madhya Pradesh is the city of Jabalpur. With a long history of the Kalchuri, Gond, Mughal, and Maratha dynasties, Jabalpur is undergoing a major transformation. This picturesque city in Madhya Pradesh’s Narmada Valley was chosen as a Smart City by the World Economic Forum. The city is on the list of the government’s first 20 cities, which will all be transformed into smart cities in phase one. Due to its forested region, it has a peaceful atmosphere with a sustainable environment. Additionally, it offers a vast range of educational opportunities and is historically significant. There are also many defense facilities and organizations in the city. This well-planned town boosts the morale of the SSB and army. The reason Jaipur will be one of the top five smart cities by 2025 is because of this.


The city of Devnagree is around 260 kilometers away from Bangalore, the state capital. It is located in the Western Ghats’ foothills. It is a rapidly growing city in Karnataka, previously renowned for its cotton mills. The dry town used to be a bustling textile hub. This city is often known as the ‘Manchester of Karnataka,’ or South India’s textile center. With a business sector in the middle, the city will provide homes for 40,000 households. By 2025, it is expected to have a population of 20 lakh people, 1 lakh jobs, and 15 world-class hospitals. It goes without saying that the Dravidian culture’s dominance has maintained the city tidy, clean, and ecologically conscious. It’s a lovely location with plenty of IT prospects.

In this space, everyone interested in software engineering may find a spot to stand. Before then, it served as a safe haven for women, with a significant number of educational institutions. The government also intends to establish an IIT in this location. It’s a lovely spot that’s as suited to metropolitan life as it is to the indigenous rural culture. As a result, Devenagre is one of the top five cities in the world that will be smart cities by 2025.

When planning a smart city, there are several aspects to consider. The first stage is to determine the mission of the city and what it should represent on a broader scale. Consider how technology may assist you in achieving your goals after you’ve chosen what you want your city to accomplish. Smart cities are a catalyst for long-term development and enhanced urban quality of life. With the world changing at such a quick pace, it will be critical to concentrate on improving living circumstances for all residents while simultaneously using smart technology to reduce traffic congestion, improve energy efficiency, and conserve natural resources.

FAQs – Top 4 Cities Becoming Smart Cities by 2025:

What defines a smart city, and why are they significant in urban development?

A smart city combines digital technology and information management solutions to enhance urban performance, governance, infrastructure, services, and resource utilization. They are crucial for improving the quality of life for urban residents and promoting sustainable development.

Which are the top 4 cities in India set to become smart cities by 2025?

The top 4 cities slated to become smart cities by 2025 include Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Jabalpur, and Devenagere. These cities are undergoing significant transformations to integrate modern infrastructure, technology, and services.

What are some key considerations in planning and developing a smart city?

Planning a smart city involves defining its mission, leveraging technology to achieve goals, promoting sustainable development, enhancing urban quality of life, reducing traffic congestion, improving energy efficiency, and conserving natural resources.

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