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Tips For Moving With Your Pets

You are a parent to a lot of pets and are planning to move to a new place. You have got all your dates finalized, decided on a new home, and got your checklist ready but are stressed about your pets. As pet owners, we know how much you love your little feathery fluff balls, and moving to a new place can be quite stressful for these family members.

As we know the situation is unavoidable but the level of disturbance can be reduced by following a few simple steps. Let’s see what to do while moving with your pets to a new place:-

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  • Habit- the word as it sounds, can be much more dangerous than it appears. So, as you know your pet is habitual of the home comfort, its daily routine, its neighbors, and all the lanes it goes for the walk. Therefore any changes that you want to inhibit in your pet’s lifestyle must be made 3-6 months before the move if possible. For example- If you are moving from a large house which had a huge lawn to a confined little space in a big city, leash training, and confinement training should be done before the move.
  • Trip- Before the actual trip in the vehicle, take a few short trips with your pet in your car to make it habitual of moving in a vehicle. This will also help you to know if your pet feels carsick so that you can ask your vet for the proper medication and care during the trip.
  • Before moving it’s better to know the new vet location near your newly founded space so that it helps in any emergency case.
  • Before you start to pack your things, make sure to leave a room fully vacant to your pets, so that in the hustle and bustle of packing they don’t get stressed, confused, and attack your precious items.
  • Start packing beforehand (10-15 days prior) and let them play around the boxes to evoke a sense of familiarity.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t get stressed in all these tensions of relocating and packing because they sense easily. Make sure to not avoid them in between all the processes.
  • If possible, many times it isn’t,  but if possible, make a few visits to your new place with your pets. Stay there for 2-3 hours.
  • Make sure your pets have your phone number and new address on their collar or pet tag.
  • 9. Crate training- is one very important thing people ignore easily. Crates are basically safe houses for your pets, and if you bring them to places within the crates it will become easy for them to adjust and have a corner in the new house they can call their own.
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  • On the day of moving make sure to feed them 1 hour before the ride.
  • On the day of moving, packing and loading will create chaos, so it’s better to leave your pet for a few hours at your friend’s house.
  • Using the same room perfume, or home diffuser and spraying it on your pet’s color will help them be a little calm while moving, as they go by the smell.
  • One way to reduce the stress of moving for both yourself and your pet is by having all your pet’s necessities packed in a bag. (Pro tip- prepare this bag in advance)
  • Make frequent rest stops while on the move.
  • Pet-proof your new space before they arrive, close all the windows, doors, or any places they can jump or run away from because new places tend to make them anxious. Check if there is anything hazardous that they can swallow.


  • Show your pet the new place one room at a time. Give them time to explore and adjust.
  • Make sure you have brought their old blankets and stuff and before unpacking you make sure they are a bit more comfortable than when they arrived.
  • After moving in make sure you give them a lot of attention and stay close to them.
  • Sometimes your pets avoid eating or taking their meals properly in a new space, it’s quite normal and they take time to adjust to the new environment. But visit the vet in case.
  • Make a routine for them as early as possible. Pets always get it easily when they get busy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving with Pets:

How can I prepare my pet for a move to a new home?

Before moving, try to make changes to your pet’s routine and environment gradually, preferably 3-6 months in advance. Take short trips with your pet in the car to acclimate them to traveling. Familiarize yourself with the new vet location and update your pet’s collar or tag with your new contact information.

How should I help my pet adjust during the packing process?

Keep a room empty for your pet to roam freely during the packing process. Start packing early, allowing your pet to explore and become accustomed to the moving boxes. Avoid neglecting your pet’s needs amidst the chaos of relocation, as they easily sense stress.

What are some tips for traveling with pets during the move?

Feed your pet about an hour before the ride. Consider leaving your pet with a friend on moving day to reduce stress. Using familiar scents, such as your room perfume, can help calm your pet during travel. Pack a bag with your pet’s essentials in advance and make frequent rest stops during the journey.

How can I help my pet adjust to the new home after moving?

Introduce your pet to the new space gradually, one room at a time, allowing them to explore and adjust at their own pace. Provide familiar blankets and items to make them feel more comfortable. Offer plenty of attention and companionship to help them settle in.

How can crate training help my pet during the moving process?

Crate training provides pets with a safe and familiar space during relocation. It can help them feel secure and provide a sense of comfort amidst the changes. Introduce crates early and use them during trips to help your pet adjust more easily.

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