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Things To Avoid When Living In India

India is a country that has a rich culture, diverse traditions, and illustrious heritage. Indian’s way of hospitality, greeting, ethics, unity, adapting behavior and many more things make the Indian culture stand out amidst all the other cultures out there. Along with India’s rich culture, beliefs and practices it is also famous for a lot of things, most importantly its iconic monuments each of which carries a great historical or empathetical meaning with it. All these things are enough to make one extremely interested as well as excited to visit and travel to India.

However, since it is a country that carries rich culture and diverse traditions, you must be very careful about what to do or what not to do in India as there are many taboos in India. Also, you should be extremely careful about your hygiene when traveling in India. Therefore you can try to avoid the 7 things mentioned below to have a safe and fun journey in India-

Avoid Street Food-

Avoid Street Food

Since India is known as the “Land of Spices”, its street food is very delicious and famous. However, you must not be tempted by it in the starting days of your journey. This is because it contains a lot of spices which can cause a burning sensation in your stomach if you are not used to eating foods that have a high content of spices in them. You can definitely try it later as soon as you start adjusting to India’s food habits. However, still, you should try to avoid eating meat on street stalls. But I will definitely recommend you to try and eat it once before you return otherwise you will regret it later.

Avoid Drinking Tap Water-

Avoid Drinking Tap Water

As I said before while traveling in India, you should be extremely careful about your hygiene. And if you want to make sure that you are eating and drinking everything hygienically, you should definitely side-step tap water because it contains Escherichia coli, a type of bacteria that can make you sick. Even the locals have installed water purifiers to avoid drinking tap water. You can drink bottled water or mineral water instead.

Avoid Striking A Religious Or Political Conversation-

Avoid Striking A Religious Or Political Conversation

India is a country with diverse religions and rich cultures. There are around 6 religions practiced in India. India is a secular country where people have the right to choose any religion they want. Therefore you should try your best not to strike up a conversation that involves religion or topic as it may offend the locals somehow. Also, you should try not to talk about any political issues too because people in India support different political parties and have different opinions on various topics. However, that is not the problem. The problem is that Indians would prefer to express their opinions openly and they are vocal. Therefore, it is best advised not to strike up such conversations. There are a lot of other interesting things that you can talk about!!

Do Not Forget To Remove Your Slippers-

Since India’s cultural traditions are very unique, they have a lot of value in the hearts of their citizens. One of the traditions here is that you should always remove your slippers, shoes, or sandals whenever you visit a temple or anyone’s house. Well, it is not always necessary to remove your shoes while entering one’s home however, it seems polite to do so. Many Indian people do wear slippers inside their houses but they might only be for indoor purposes. It is also possible that you get a pair of slippers before entering someone’s house. However, if you are not provided with them you may go in bare feet or wear socks. You may find the same practice in the case of shops. So it’s best to remove your shoes at the entrance if you spot a pair of them.

Avoid Pointing With Your Finger And Feet-

Avoid Pointing With Your Finger

India is a country with many taboos as well as different practices. One of the many beliefs of people living in this country is that you should never point to something with your index finger. This is considered impudent. If you want to point out something, you can do so by using the thumb or any other finger. There is one more practice that you need to follow always- You should never point out something, especially religious objects by your foot. When in a temple you should always check out the direction in which your feet are pointing. Indians give their deities as well as books very much importance. Therefore, you should always remember never to touch these objects through your foot. And, even if you do so by mistake, you should take them into your hands bring them close to your head and apologize, just as the Indians do.

Women Should Avoid Wearing Revealing Clothes-

You might find this weird if you are used to wearing tight, skimpy, and revealing clothes. However, believe me, you will find this advice very valuable if you have decided to visit tourist spots that are not located in metropolitan cities. This is because there are a variety of people living in India and it has a very diverse culture. You might find that if you visit cities like Goa, Mumbai wearing tight and skinny clothes is quite common. However, you won’t see the same in many other cities. Anyways, it doesn’t hurt to follow the local traditions while visiting a country, right!! You can try wearing a kurta instead which is very comfortable and you can also travel freely in it. Also, don’t forget to wear a stole or scarf on your head before visiting a temple.

Don’t Call Elders By Their Names-

Last but not least, you should never call elders by their names. This is another etiquette rule that you must follow as calling elders by their names is considered disrespectful. You can call them uncle, or auntie or if you are not comfortable with it, you can simply address them as Mr. and Mrs.

If you manage to avoid all the above-mentioned activities, then I am sure that you will have a safe and enjoyable holiday in India or if you are even thinking to live in India you must avoid the above-mentioned activities. So best of luck with your holidays!!

FAQs about Living in India:

Is it safe to eat street food in India?

While India is famous for its delicious street food, it’s advisable for travelers, especially those not accustomed to spicy foods, to be cautious. Initially, it’s best to avoid street food to prevent stomach discomfort. However, as you acclimatize, you can gradually try local delicacies.

Can I drink tap water in India?

It’s recommended to avoid drinking tap water in India due to potential contamination with bacteria like Escherichia coli. Opt for bottled or purified water to ensure hygiene and prevent waterborne illnesses.

Is it appropriate to discuss religion and politics in India?

It’s generally advised to avoid discussing religion and politics in India to prevent inadvertently offending locals. India’s diverse religious and political landscape makes such topics sensitive, and opinions can vary widely.

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