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The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Bed Bugs Behind When You Move

When you think that getting rid of bed bugs is easier than moving, you’re mistaken. Unless you’re leaving everything in your former home behind, all you’re doing by relocating is bringing bed bugs with you to a new place. It is always preferable to get rid of a bed bug infestation before moving. If you really must relocate, take care to avoid bringing bed bugs with you. If your bed insect infestation is minor and limited to your bed, you may be able to leave the bed bugs behind when you relocate. Whether you’re moving away from a bed bug-infested area, it’s critical to ensure that bed bugs don’t accompany you.

Unlike many other pests, Bed bugs do not go very far on their own. It is essential to ensure that you do not unintentionally carry bed bugs with you when you relocate. Here are some things you can do to avoid bringing bed bugs into your new home.

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What Exactly Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are wingless, tiny insects that look like apple seeds. Most individuals aren’t aware they have bed bugs until they wake up, which means they might be coated in dozens of these nocturnal parasites while sleeping. Families on the move frequently unknowingly take bed bugs from their old houses to their new ones, even though you’d think they’d be simple to spot. It’s crucial to remember, though, that bed bugs do not reside on their hosts’ bodies. Instead, they hide in places like the creases and folds of mattresses, box springs, and comforters throughout the day.

The good news is that you can halt these cunning marauders in their tracks by following a few simple measures.

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Avoid Getting Bed Bugs With You To Your New Place.

The easiest approach to avoid a bed bug infestation in your new house is to make sure your things are clean of bed bugs and carefully packed before you move. It is far easier to avoid bed bugs than eradicate them. The most effective technique to prevent bed bugs when you move is to pack carefully. You must take a few basic yet crucial procedures while packing to ensure that bed bugs are not left behind.

  • Purchase mattress encasements for each mattress and box spring you will be transporting. They should only be installed on the day of the relocation.
  • For the inspection, have a well-led flashlight on hand.
  • All of the clothing you’ll be bringing with you should be washed and dried in the highest dryer setting available. Fill transparent plastic bags with them and mark them spotless.
  • Follow the previous process with all of your linens, pillows, and any plush or fabric goods you’ll be bringing with you. Run the clothes in the dryer for 20 minutes if they are already clean. The beg bugs will be killed by using the dryer’s hot setting.
  • Everything that can’t be washed should be thoroughly inspected for bed bugs and sealed in plastic bags. A bed bug may exist in, or that was present at an infested site, including books, picture frames, small appliances, trinkets, and decorations.
  • Wash all garments and linens thoroughly before packing them. For transportation, place them in sealable bags or containers. 
  • Before you pack your goods, could you give them a thorough inspection? Inspect any luggage you’ll be using to assist with the relocation. Flip through books quickly to ensure bugs aren’t hiding between the pages. 
  • Whereas saving money by utilizing old boxes is a good thing, it also increases the chances of bed bugs accompanying you on your move. Similarly, avoid purchasing old furnishings for your new house.

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Ensure That Your New Home Is Free Of Bed Bugs

Make sure you’re not relocating into a pest-infested area. How can you be certain that the house you’re going into doesn’t have bed bugs? You can take several steps to ensure that your new house is clear of these pests and that you do not become infected with bed bugs when you first move in. Remember that only one or two bugs may soon turn into a full-fledged infestation.

To protect yourself, you should perform the following four things:

  • Before signing anything, inquire about the probability of bed bugs and if the home has been examined for pests. While it’s conceivable they won’t tell you the truth if they have a bed bug infestation, simply asking this inquiry may provide useful information. When you ask about bed bugs, you should be suspicious if the other party hesitates. They may respond by informing you that they provide pest control services. Before signing a lease, inquire about the pest control plan and confirm that one is in place.
  • A professional examination is the best method to determine if your room is clear of bed bugs. This service is provided by highly trained canines, which is far more efficient than relying on these small insects’ optical observations. This test is also a far more cost-effective option in the long term than dealing with future issues.
  • Before you move in, check and clean the house thoroughly. Visually inspect, paying specific attention to a cluster of black dots growing on baseboards, walls, near electrical outlets, and heaters, particularly in the bedroom and living area. If you suspect the previous occupant had a hoarding problem, we highly advise you to engage a professional to conduct an examination. It’s generally a good idea to evaluate your stuff before moving into a new place. If you take this step, you will have written confirmation that your things were clear of bed bugs when you moved in if you ever have a bed bug problem.
  • Taking preventative steps is usually a good idea. Place bed bug traps and examine every day for the first month after relocating, for example, and take action at the first sign of an infestation before it becomes a major problem. To keep them from climbing up the bed, use mattress coverings and special coasters on the legs. Leave a little gap between the bed and the wall until you’re certain there are no bed bugs.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of inspecting for bed bugs when you first move home. A single female may produce hundreds of eggs every day, leading to a substantial infestation in a couple of months.

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Aside from taking the steps listed above, there are a few more things you should take to ensure that the bed bugs you’re leaving behind don’t create an issue for others. Bed bugs may soon take over entire apartment complexes or duplexes if they are allowed to spread. The best way to protect is to pick a reliable moving company with clean vehicles and facilities. To be sure, drive by your mover’s facilities to view the equipment and storage rooms before booking a professional mover.

FAQs about Leaving Bed Bugs Behind When Moving:

Why is it important to leave bed bugs behind when moving?

Leaving bed bugs behind when moving ensures that you don’t transport these pests to your new home, preventing a potential infestation in your new living space.

What are bed bugs, and why are they difficult to detect?

Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that resemble apple seeds. They often go unnoticed until they start causing discomfort, as they hide in crevices and come out at night to feed.

How can I avoid bringing bed bugs to my new home during a move?

To prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride to your new place, ensure all your belongings are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and packed in sealed containers or bags. Use mattress encasements, wash and dry clothes and linens at high temperatures, and inspect all items for signs of bed bugs before packing.

What steps should I take to ensure my new home is free of bed bugs?

Before moving in, inquire about the history of bed bugs in the new property and request professional inspections if possible. Clean the new home thoroughly, paying close attention to areas where bed bugs may hide. Consider using bed bug traps and preventive measures like mattress covers to safeguard against potential infestations.

What are some additional tips for ensuring a bed bug-free move?

Avoid using old boxes or purchasing second-hand furniture for your new home, as these items may harbor bed bugs. Prioritize cleanliness and thorough inspection of all belongings to minimize the risk of bed bug transmission during the move.

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