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What To Do 8 Weeks Before Moving Day?

Are you the one who messes up things, when buried with a lot of to-do-list? Worry not, we have been there, especially when we are planning to move. It is often a frantic situation that involves a major checklist. We’ve decided to make your life a bit easier with our paramount things to help you with easy breezy moving 8 weeks ahead of your actual moving day!

If you could follow this organized way of shouldering responsibilities, there is no place for bottlenecks.

There is a lot to do with moving, physically and emotionally, as we get used to one place and create an absolute bond, and then packing bags to leave the place forever is a pretty challenging one, make up your mind as this is a part of going on with life, and yes we have to move on with moving!

We have to sort out things based on, in and out of the vicinity while moving, so let’s break that into two modules here, have a glance.

Moving to new apartment

Things Outside The Vicinity You Are Moving To:

Environmental Detailings:

First things first, start with the things that take most of the time, such as searching for schools( if you have children), knowing about the community, their guidelines or policies if any, environment vibes, tax policies, bank services, pharmacies, vet doctors(if you’re a pet parent), transport facilities to the new area, groceries, nearby hospitals, also check for the kind of security in the place where you’re being headed to.

Budget Planning Or Expenses Check:

Now it’s time to keep an eye on your budget, how much you can spend, how you’re going to spend, or what you’re going to spend. Take assistance from a moving company for a pin-to-pin estimation and a comprehensive plan, or it is again your preference if you want to do it all alone. Make sure you are having enough money either by credit or debit card, as moving is not a fragment, huge chunks of money are involved in it. However, you could try as low as possible, yet we cannot control the few instances where we are supposed to spend, it is what it is.

Inform Friends And Family:

It is important to let our family members and dearest ones know our whereabouts, also if you have decided to move without the help of a moving company, your family and friends might be involved in your moving to get things done quickly.

house moving

Talk To Logistics Services:

Get detailed expenses for overall shipping, and take them to your future residence area, by helping them choose the best possible way to reach with less traffic, and a short route, but make sure they don’t face the bad condition of the road. Explain to them the floor you want them to move, entry, exit, and parking to make movers feel flexible in the place.

Take A Day Off:

If you think you need much time, keep your team clear about your leaves, and apply for leave beforehand to get it approved, so that you can avoid the imbalance of work and life.

Children’s School Transfer:

Make sure you inform your children’s school authorities about your moving plan so that they can arrange the transcripts, and transfer certificates as early as they can. Find a better educational institution near your new area to join your children to avoid gaps in their schooling.

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Things To Look Up In The Vicinity Of Your Current Home:

Invest In Packaging Boxes:

Make a count of things that you need to pack, and order eco-friendly cardboard boxes accordingly, better to have some extra than needed to keep miscellaneous inside it, and some for the rescue. It is better to have fragile handling packages. Don’t forget to label the package with the item inside it. Start packaging the things that are less used from the first week itself, also slowly and steadily pack every single day.

Furniture & Utilities:

Disassemble the furniture, pack all the utilities, avoid storing frozen foods for so long, and finish them as early as possible before you move. Also, clear all the things that are not serving you in any way, we do have a lot of unwanted items that bring a huge disturbance while packing, it is better to collect them all at once and dismantle, sell, or give to charity.

Talk To Tenant & Renewal:

Inform your tenant that you will be moving and vacating soon, pay the due bills, or debt, renew the walls, paint if needed, remove nails pierced and finish plumbing works if any, and get things sorted before you move to avoid disputes further.

Stock Up On Groceries & Snacks:

Soon after you move to the new place, it is hard to buy food or groceries, while you will be tired from all the work, it is better to have something available to have right away and to take a good rest after all.

Get The Papers Arranged:

Gather all the important and necessary certificates, licenses, bills, medical records, citizenship cards, and other documents and keep them in a separate box to find them easily whenever you need them.

Woman sitting on a truck and moving houses

Arrange Your Travel:

Book your tickets or confirm the means of transport you are going to take to move. Carry certain things along with you, that you think needs more heed such as laptop, tablets, gold, silver items, watches, idols, or any other electronic gadgets.

Track The Count Of All Goods:

Moving is the time when you might lose the majority of things unknowingly, hence keep a count or inventory check and have that list handy on paper or a note on your mobile for backup. It helps you not to miss anything.

We know moving is easier said than done, but it is not rocket science, hope we have covered most of the major things that have to be on the top of your checklist. If you could move according to this guide, you will be happy and stress-free. We know you’re here because you are about to move, and we wish you find fine ground no matter where you go.

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FAQs – 8 Weeks Before Moving Day

Why is it important to start planning for a move 8 weeks in advance?

Planning for a move 8 weeks ahead allows sufficient time to organize and execute various tasks without feeling overwhelmed. It ensures a smoother transition and minimizes last-minute stress.

What are some essential considerations for researching the new vicinity you're moving to?

Researching the new vicinity involves gathering information about schools, community guidelines, local amenities such as banks, pharmacies, and grocery stores, transportation facilities, nearby hospitals, and security measures in the area.

Why is budget planning crucial during the 8-week period before moving day?

Budget planning helps determine the estimated expenses involved in the move, including hiring a moving company, transportation costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. It ensures financial preparedness and helps in managing moving costs effectively.

How can one effectively inform friends and family about their moving plans?

Informing friends and family about moving plans allows them to offer support and assistance during the relocation process. Whether moving independently or with a moving company, keeping loved ones informed helps streamline the moving process.

Why is it essential to track and inventory all goods during the 8-week period before moving day?

Tracking and inventorying all goods help prevent the loss of items during the move. Maintaining a comprehensive list ensures that nothing essential is overlooked or left behind, contributing to a more organized and successful relocation.

How can one ensure a stress-free moving experience by following the 8-week timeline?

Following the 8-week timeline allows individuals to tackle tasks methodically, reducing stress and ensuring a more efficient and seamless moving experience. Planning ahead and staying organized are key to a successful relocation.

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