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How to Avoid Struggling While Packing and Moving to a New House?

Recently, I met one of my old friends, Rakesh. He works in a prestigious IT firm in Ahmadabad. We decided to set down to spend some time this weekend. During the conversation, we started to share our recent experiences. He just relocated from Mumbai to Ahmadabad. He was very excited to share his experience of moving to Ahmadabad, and the challenges, he faced during the process of relocation.

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Is it complex to pack your stuff and move to a new place? We can usually pack our stuff and hire a vehicle to get the job done. Not really!

Relocating is not just transporting goods from one place to another.  It requires detailed planning and a keen focus on each item whether it is big or small. We do not want to get things wrong when we transport our essential and fragile stuff.

Therefore, we need to avoid following mistakes while packing and moving to a new place.

Lack Of A Clear Packing Strategy

A strategy allows us to do work with a plan and in an organized way. However, we randomly pack items and generally fall in mess. Wonder why? Suppose you require kitchen items and you have packed them already as there are considerable days left to move to a new place. Such action puts you in nowhere while exploring other options to get your food.

Maintain A Calendar To Accomplish Your Tasks

Instead, we should work on forming a strategy to pack our stuff in a phase-wise manner. It includes maintaining a calendar to pack certain items every successive day until the moving day.

How Does A Calendar Help Us To Manage Our Packing?

Your packing tasks are highly organized and prioritized depending on your needs. In case your packing calendar is your assistance. Once, it is created, you need to stick to the same.

  • Pack your stuff as per necessity. The less necessary things should be on the top of the list while essential things need to be packed later. 
  • The cluster you’re packing the room-wise. It means, starts from the guest room, living room, and then finally the kitchen and bathroom.

However, a professional packing and moving service always accomplish its job as per the required strategy. And, we may keep ourselves stay from the unnecessary stress

Avoid Leaving Your Packing To The Last Minute

People generally procrastinate the tasks or get jumbled with other tasks. However, it is the by-product of an unrealistic assumption that you would have enough time to pack your stuff.

Why Do We Underestimate The Time Required For The Packing?

If someone is trying to move the first time, it is hard to estimate the amount of time; we need to pack our things properly. 

You must assure a strategy to accomplish the movement in an organized way to avoid the last-minute panic. Unplanned things do not always produce fruitful results. Thus, try to avoid such hustle and make things work strategically.

A better alternative is to estimate the time by looking backward. Firstly, determine the exact moving date. You have to decide first what should be the date to move. It could be the last date of your rental period, your new job’s joining date, or entry to your new house. Once, you have finalized a moving date, just consider the 6-8 weeks back. The estimated time might seem quite long but relocation requires several tasks other than just packing your stuff.

Why Do We Need Time To Manage Our Moving?

You have to disconnect your existing connection, and settle bills. Such tasks require some time to be finished. Besides, the packing, as we discussed earlier, also needs a plan so does the time. 

During the process, you may also need to hire packers and movers. The hiring of a packer and mover also take time as we need to verify the service provider to avoid any kind of malpractice.

Planning keeps you away from the pains and if you follow a strategy, there is nothing that can bother you.

Lack Of Considerable Packing Material

A mistake people often make the moving to another place. They usually underestimate the quantity of packing material that might end up with a serious headache.

Just obtain enough packing material to pack your stuff. Such a mistake might prompt you to fit multiple things into a narrow space triggering unnecessary anxiety or might be additional work. Otherwise, you have to rush to the market to get extra packing material to avoid the mess.

 It might be quite hard to guess the quantity of packing material. However, it is always good to have a handful of packing materials. You should purchase enough bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing tape before venturing for the moving boxes.

How Do Professional Movers And Packers Help You?

Professional packers and movers might help you in packing as they apply a process to assess the items first before packing.

A person performs a survey of your goods to assess various things, such as packing material, moving vehicles, etc.

The expert from professional packers and movers collects all the necessary details. The person generally asks various questions from the customers about the move.

Pre-Move Survey

  • Inspection of your goods and stuff to be packed and moved
  • Assessment of your specific needs.
  • Recognition of the fragile and valuable items and estimate the specific packing material for them
  • Estimation of manpower and other resources
  • Assessing the space for parking and loading vehicles
  • Measurement of specific packing such as wooden craft
  • Ensuring the scheduled dates for packing and moving.
  • Answering the customer’s question about the packing and moving services.

An expert approximately takes 2-3 hours to survey, depending on the size of the house and the number of items to be moved.

Failing To Label The Moving Boxes

You may be mistaken by foolproof visual memory as you might remember that about the boxes and their contents.

You have taken a visual note by marking the boxes in your head and do not require tagging them anymore.

It might turn into a silly mistake when you land at your new home. Your unlabeled boxes might end up piled or scattered here and there. As loading and unloading usually end up in a mess, you may not be aware of the condition of your new place.  

How Does Labeling Keep Packing Intact?

If you label the boxes with a marker, it will keep things sorted. You easily can identify your belongings. Besides, it would be easy to segregate fragile items from others. 

If you just hire the moving services, the moving person can easily handle the items as per their requirement. They provide special care for the item that needs special care while loading the items or porting them to your new place.

In addition, you can also maintain a list of your boxes by marking them with numbers while adding the items under particular numbers. You can share this list with your moving and packing service provider while keeping one copy to yourself.

Arranging Your Goods In One Vehicle

A common mistake is to use just one vehicle to transport your goods while relocating. People usually try to stuff everything into one vehicle while not considering the goods.

There would be some delicate items. They may be packed in wooden crafts with other protective materials. However, a car would be a better option for smaller, delicate items to keep them safe while moving.

It also increases the space in the moving vehicle for larger items such as furniture, electrical, etc.

Relocating for a job always seems quite exciting, but sometimes it comes with some challenges such as moving from one place to another while collecting all your goods and household stuff.

Often, conceptualized, the relocating is easy but when it is done properly. Otherwise, there are consequences of mismanagement that produce unwanted losses. Just take care of the abovementioned points to avoid unnecessary stress and keep your relocation intact. However, hiring top movers and packers would be an ideal decision to make.

Why is it important to have a clear packing strategy when moving to a new house?

Having a clear packing strategy ensures that you pack your items in an organized manner, reducing stress and confusion during the moving process. It helps prioritize items and ensures nothing important gets left behind.

How does maintaining a calendar help in managing packing tasks effectively?

A calendar helps in organizing packing tasks over some time, allowing you to pack certain items gradually leading up to the moving day. It ensures that you stay on track and avoid the last-minute rush.

Why should one avoid leaving packing to the last minute?

Leaving packing to the last minute can lead to unnecessary stress and chaos. It’s important to estimate the time required for packing accurately and plan accordingly to avoid rushing through the process.

What are the consequences of underestimating the time required for packing?

Underestimating packing time can result in incomplete packing, overlooked items, and a disorganized moving process. It’s essential to plan and allocate sufficient time for packing to avoid last-minute panic.

Why is labeling moving boxes important?

Labeling moving boxes helps in identifying the contents of each box and facilitates organized unpacking at the new location. It prevents confusion and ensures that fragile items receive special handling during transportation.

How can professional movers and packers assist in a smooth relocation process?

Professional movers and packers conduct pre-move surveys to assess packing and moving requirements, provide specialized packing materials, handle delicate items with care, and ensure organized transportation of goods to the new location. Their expertise minimizes the risks associated with relocation and ensures a smoother transition.

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