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What To Do While Movers Are Moving?

Moving is a whole process that so many people dread. There are clothes to pack, fragile items to secure, important papers that must be packed up, and also make sure the house is left in pristine condition. How does one make the process more enjoyable? Hire a professional packers and movers service. This, however, raises another question. What does one do when the movers are packing up the house?

What To Do While Movers Are Moving

Let Us Answer This Exact Question Below.

Before The Moving Day

The night before the moving day when the movers visit, there is some groundwork to be done. Remove all jewelry, important papers, medications, and cash and pack them in a safe space. Go to all the bedrooms and remove the sheets from the beds leaving only the mattress to pack. All electronics should be unplugged and kept safe for the movers to put into boxes. If not done, measure all the doorways so that bigger pieces of furniture can be moved out easily.

Be There

On moving day, the first step is to physically be there when the Packers and Movers show up. Moving is hectic and there are a lot of things to do. However, movers need someone on at deck all times to answer questions, give directions and give access to rooms. If one cannot be present by themselves, be sure to get someone trustworthy to be there instead, for the whole day.

Give A Tour of The House

Once the movers have come, invite them in and give a tour of the house. Point out items with which one must be careful or rooms and items that must not be packed. Show the restrooms and let them know they are free to use them. Inform the movers which exit to take and things they must keep in mind.

Remove Valuables

It is always a good idea to remove valuables like artwork or electronics beforehand. Pack them up and keep them in the car. Let the movers pack up heavy items like books and the washer and dryer. Speak with the movers to understand any restrictions on items they cannot pack such as flammable and perishables. Remove them so that the movers have a hassle-free experience.

Keep Kids And Pets Away

The last thing one would want is to have kids or pets running around while the movers are there and them getting hurt. They will also slow the process significantly. Take them to a family’s home nearby for the entire day or keep them in an empty room. Make sure there is food, water, and games to keep them entertained. Instruct elder siblings to keep an eye on them.

Offer Food and Drink

Moving is hard and movers are picking up couches and carrying them to the truck. There are also breakables that they must be careful with. These are professionals that get things quickly and one must appreciate the hard work that goes into moving. One of the best ways to show appreciation is to offer refreshments. Keep water, coffee, and small snacks handy for the movers to take whenever they like. For lunch, get something easy to eat with minimal mess.

Clean Up the Entire House

Clean Up the Entire House

Moving is the best time to clean up rooms and the entire house. As rooms are cleared up vacuum and clean up the walls. Leaving the house dirty could lead to not getting the deposit back from the owner of the house as a rental. Just as the last box is put in the truck, the whole house would be clean for the new owners. There is one less thing to worry about and one will also save on cleaning costs.

Stay Close By But Out Of The Way

There is always an urge to direct the movers and tell them to do things a certain way. This is natural for a homeowner but it leads to more delays and makes the process more cumbersome. Let the experts do the process their way. This also leads to another point, do not disappear. One must always be available for any questions or to offer help, if necessary. Leave someone behind if there are errands to run or lunch to grab or to make the payment.

Take Pictures Of Boxes

Once all rooms are boxed up and the packers are ready to put them into the truck, there is one important task to do. Take pictures and document all the packages. Most movers will provide a list of all the boxes with the contents. However, for safekeeping, it is always a good idea to take a picture of all boxes, numbered. Take a picture before and after all boxes have been loaded into the truck.

Check Once More

Go through the entire house and check one final time. Look for things, furniture, or kitchen items that have been missed out. There could be things that were accidentally broken during the move that must be pointed out for refunds. Ensure that things that weren’t supposed to be packed have not been packed up. The refrigerator should be cleared up, trash must be taken out, and turn off the electricity. The final look around could be done with the person in charge of the move.

Keep Payment Ready

Keep Payment Ready

Finally, it is time to make the payment. Whatever the mode of payment is, credit or debit card, keep it handy. Keeping cash on hand for the payment would help save time. Visit the bank or ensure the cards are working beforehand. Keep a little bit of extra money to account for unexpected expenses. Also, at this point, one can decide to tip the movers. It is not necessary but a good practice to show gratitude for their work.

Moving services are a blessing to busy people. No more does one have to pack, seal, label boxes and lift heavy furniture. At the end of the day, there is a massive headache and back pain. All of this can be avoided with one simple call to a reputed mover. Let the professionals do all the heavy lifting. Supervise, keep kids out of the way, and offer food and drinks while making sure breakables are being taken care of. Moving day will go by life a breeze.

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FAQs – What To Do While Movers Are Moving

What should I do before the moving day?

Before the movers arrive, it’s essential to prepare by removing valuables, unplugging electronics, and measuring doorways for furniture.

Should I be present during the move?

Yes, it’s crucial to be available during the move to answer questions, give directions, and provide access to rooms. If you can’t be there, ensure someone trustworthy is present.

How can I ensure the safety of my belongings during the move?

Prioritize removing valuables like artwork and electronics, and keep them in your car. Communicate any restrictions on items that movers cannot pack, such as flammables or perishables.

What should I do with children and pets during the move?

Keep children and pets away from the moving process to prevent accidents and distractions. Arrange for them to stay with family or in a safe, designated area with entertainment and necessities.

Is it customary to provide refreshments for movers?

Yes, offering water, coffee, snacks, and lunch is a thoughtful gesture to show appreciation for the hard work of the movers.

How involved should I be during the moving process?

While it’s natural to want to direct movers, allowing them to work without interference minimizes delays and ensures a smoother process. Stay available for questions or assistance.

What should I do before finalizing the move?

Before leaving, double-check for any missed items, ensure utilities are turned off, and have payment ready, including potential tips for the movers.

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